Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas time is by far my favourite time of the year. As soon as it hits end of November/December, my spirit generally lifts. When the christmas decorations come out, so does my big smile. I love it.

Everything just seems more beautiful and all of the shops get the decorations out and the christmas music comes on. I was in Rotheram town dancing the night away when it turned December 1st 2012 and the christmas songs came on and it genuinely made me so happy.

I am going to have a perfect christmas this year, we are having a big christmas and a special one for my grandma to make her happy as it could be her last, so it's going to be magical. Opening presents by the fire, chatting and nibbling, a massive christmas dinner around the dining table, drinks and games, i just can't wait, i really can't.

Although the temperature is minus degrees, it doesn't bring me down, it just makes me feel better because i get the warm fuzzy feeling knowing that i can warm up infront of the fire or have a nice warm bath & get my onesie on. It makes me feel a bit sad for those who won't be able to do that though. It's little comforts like that, that we take for granted i suppose.

Soon christmas will be over and it will be new year, and i can start looking forward to the christmas of 2013. Sorry for the random rambley christmas post, but i was feeling in the mood, and i will also point out none of those photos are mine, they are just pretty and pink :)

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Love Louisa

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