Now if you are on this page, I imagine you are wanting to find out about me. I'm Louisa and I am 20 years old from Sheffield. I left school with Alevels and went onto university chasing my dream.. or so i thought. I went to Leeds Trinity to do film & television studies. I was there for 4 months and realised that it just wasn't my main interest. Before leaving, a tutor said to me 'Louisa, I don't want to offend you here, but i really think the only place you would be happy is harry potter world or disney land'. At the time, I agreed with her, i didn't know where i wanted to go or what i wanted to do. The only thing that had kept me going through university was the online youtube beauty community.

So i came home & i was on jobseekers for a fair while. How anyone can aspire to live on the dole is beyond me! At this point, my make-up obsession/passion was growing rapidly. I became aware of high end make-up brands and was being totally sucked in. I wanted to try out new products & new ways of applying new make-up. It was all so new to me! But at this point all i was bothered about doing was finding a job, but having no experience whatsoever, nobody would give me that chance.

In october of last year, clintons gave me that chance of a part time job, and i still wasn't sure of what i wanted to do so i took it. Then at the beginning of this year i decided i wanted to go somewhere with my life, i needed a direction. I started looking online at beauty courses and came accross hair & media make-up. I have always been interested in film (or maybe just harry potter?) haha! And i've always been a creative person. I didn't want to do just beauty therapy because massages aren't really creative so when i saw this course, i saw it was perfect for me. A leaflet came through my door advertising the open event and i decided to go.

The moment i walked into that make-up room and saw what the course had to offer i knew this was what i wanted to do, no matter what it took. When discussing the course, price came into it, and this course is going to cost a fair amount and so it is going to be my 21st birthday present (so i suppose that slightly suggests just how much this means to me!). I went to the interview and was accepted at level 3 rather than 2 and will be starting this september & i am so excited!
I love all things beauty related and anything sparkly. From reading blogs, my inspiration levels have been on an absolute high! I just want to do projects and paint things and create things! I love all things cute, pastel coloured and pretty. I also have an obsession for harry potter. I haven't read the books yet but the films completely sucked me in. I know a fair few of you also have this obsession, i just don't know where it came from?! I just wish it was real! I also have an xbox and am known to play a lot of call of duty - a bit out of the ordinary for a beauty loving girl, but i enjoy it so there you go!

I'm so glad i started this blog because i've only been going a couple of months & already i have met some lovely girls who i can see myself having long term friendships with, which i really wasn't expecting. I plan to use this blog for my rants, my life diary in a way, and my thoughts, wether it be on anything to a game, topic or beauty product! In the future i plan to become a make-up artist working on film, that is my main goal, in the mean time, i plan to set up a small online boutique with my mum selling one off vintage jewelry pieces & also i am thinking about starting up designing blogs for people (still thinking about that one though & would have to trial it).

Anything else you want to know, feel free to contact me.


Me in words:
make-up, xbox, fashion, pink, sparkles, call of duty, sunday dinners, blackberry bold, floral print, chocolate, facebook, family, friends, blogging, harry potter, disney, flowers, bird tattoos, men over 6ft, geordie shore, KFC, cupcakes.


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