Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas, Birthday, and Urban Decay.

Hello lovely's :)

So on the 22nd of December, I turned the big 21! It's come round so fast and it honestly feels like i'm still 18 or something. So I had a lovely carvery with my family and it was beautiful, pictures below..

And at night i had a party, to which i invited over 40 friends, and of which 2 turned up. My sister and her family and my mums best friends family came though so it was worth all the party food :) However when they arrived i was throwing a massive paddy upstairs because i had left my fat pants at my best friends house and i couldn't wear anything because i looked too fat. Hey, it was my birthday, i could cry if i wanted too, and i did :)

I then got over the whole situation once i had got some malibu down me and we went to town and i had a lovely night with the 2 true friends that did actually turn up :)

 Above is my outfit of the night :)
And my make-up :)
So what did i get for my birthday? unfortuneatley i haven't photographed any of my presents apart from my main one, if you would like to see let me know.
But i got a beautiful emerald and diamond ring from my grandma which was hers and will now be a family airloom if i ever have children.
I got a lovely silver bracelet, a lipsy purse, an airbrush gun (which is yet to come), my trip to magaluf in the summer just been, money and some ted baker makeup, all of which i am very grateful for.
I also got a make-up trolley for college, to be all professional haha! I chose it myself so i knew i was getting it but it's beautiful!

It fits in sooo much stuff :D
My big present which i was completely not expecting at all and my face was an absolute picture when i opened it, but it was the Urban Decay Vice Pallette.
It really is true, you get what you pay for and the colours are amazing. It opens itself aswell when you press the button, it's just amazing. I will do a proper review on it though.
Christmas day we all went round to my grandmas cottage, we arrived and sat in her big lounge an opened presents and it was just lovely, i haven't had a big christmas with that much family for a long while and it was just perfect.

So as you can see from the picture, i was a tiny bit spoilt. The 2 naked pallettes i just couldn't believe it. I wasn't expecting one after the one on my birthday, nevermind 2! So i was absolutely chuffed to bits! And i am so grateful for the gifts i did get :)

Then i did a make over for my grandma and my auntie, because we had a bit of time to kill before dinner and they wanted to see me in action haha!
 My grandma, she wanted false eyelashes on bless her :)
And my auntie :)
Then we had our christmas lunch, and the table was set beautifully! The table was set with little decorations and napkins with each of our names embroided on them, it's those little touches that just made it so special to me.

Then i drank a lot of alcohol, we played charades and it was just the most perfect day :) Just a shame we have to wait another 12 months for the next one. Christmas is my favourite time of the year for definate.
I will do reviews on certain things in posts to come :)
Happy New Year!

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