Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Blog Hop & Mentions. Lea, Beth, Sara :)

Hello lovely's.
I can't believe it's blog hop #22. I'm pretty sure i last did this when it was around #3 or #4, that is herendous! But i'm back now :) & ready to get back into the swing of things.

Aaaanyway, thought i would do another one to get myself out there a bit and make a few more friends because it warms my heart when i get comments, its lovely, especially you loyal followers you!

I feel i should mention them right now, i'm not sure if they are on the blog hop (i've not checked through the list yet, but you need to check these girls out. These 3 (along with some others and i'm sorry if i've missed you :( ) have been there since i began pretty much.. Haha that sounds like i'm saying since i was born. They've been there since my blog began, that's better.

If i post and get an email from a comment, it's generally from one of these beauties and the fact that they still read my blog makes me feel happy :) Anyway, onto those 3.

First is Lea of 'It's Such A Wonderful Life' She's one of the ones i've been following since pretty much her blog began too, and its nice to see she has so many followers now because she truly deserves them! Her blog is lovely, so go check her out :) Thank you for all your lovely comments Lea, even on the Channing Tatum one haha :) you are lovely!! x

Second is Beth of 'Birds Words' She is beautiful and her blog is so cute! She gives really good & in depth reviews & she likes to have a good old rant every now and then like i do :) So, if you don't know of her already, go check her out :) Thank you again for your comments all the time, it makes my day :)

And last but not least is SaraJayne of 'Goldilocksx0' Again she is another who has followed me since my blog began, as have i with hers. Its great to see how far she's come! Her blog is also lovely! She puts up lots of pictures, which i like :) Thank you for sticking by me Sara and for your lovely comments!

So thank you again, and i will keep mentioning people in posts when i feel necessary :) I just feel the need to share my great finds with you haha :)

That's all for now anyway, Love Louisa x


  1. I follow all of these blogs! We're like a girl band haha :)

    Thankyou so much for mentioning me! And what can I say about the Channing whats his face comment, I aim to amuse lol!

    Lea x


  2. Hi Louisa, I found your blog because I already followed Lea and she sent me your way ;) Those bed bugs bites look rather nasty :0 x

    1. Heyyy, welcome :) hahaa! & yepp, they weren't fun haha! Just left with a fair few scars on my legs now and i look like i've been injecting or something x

  3. I follow the blogs you mentionedd too :) Thankyou so much for mentioning me - I must do a post like this very soon.. yours is one of my favourites - i like the fact you often have a little rant too :P in fact, i actually checked your blog when i was on holiday with crappy wifi on my phone! Thats a favourite blog for you! :)) haha


  4. I follow the oher 2 girlies aswelll :) Woo yeah Lea were like a girlband ;) ahaa
    Louisa, you are soo sweet and lovely, thankyou for the mention and its great to see how far youve come too and i know your blog is going to get even bigger and better because you do so well at it already. Keep it being amazing just like yourself :)

  5. Aren't blog hops brilliant.
    Thanks for sharing the girlies! Their blogs are great.