Monday, 23 July 2012

Magaluf 2012

Hello Lovely's.

So, for those of you that have been reading my blog for however long now, and have stuck by me through my absence and what not, here is the much awaited magaluf post, only a month late. I will warn you, the last couple of pictures may be offensive or too vulgar for some people, but you have been warned. I chose the pictures lightly because there really were some bad (and really quite naked ones) that i didn't feel everyone needed to see haha!

I lasted 2 and a half weeks there, and i was severly bitten by bed bugs and had my fair share of ups and downs. I pretty much got no tan whatsoever, but it was a different experience. For those of you who have no idea what i'm on about, i will give you a little information. Basically, i decided i wanted to work abroad, so i booked a place with a company and went on my own - proud moment.

The first couple of days were good, getting drunk & what not, until you then realise you've spent more money than you thought and then realise you probably are going to be struggling. You begin to get over that initial meeting phase and start getting to know the real people you are living with, in my case, i had someone who had the same sort of personality as me and we were both quite fiery, resulting in having to hold my tongue alot making it quite uncomfortable.

I realised that being there with 3 other girls, we really are quite messy creatures. Now i thought my room at home could get quite bad, but that was NOTHING compared to what our room got like in magalluf. nothing. So a few nights my motherly instincts kicked in, and i stayed in and tidied just because i couldn't bare to live in it, for it to then be exactly the same the next day.

The first images i am going to show you, are of how bad our bed bugs were, everyone else got bit, but they seemed to take a particular interest in my body, and it really was quite herendous. As far as i'm concerned, that in itself was a big enough reason to come home!

So as you can see, i was viciously attacked. Not very attractive and i still have the scars which is annoying!

Anyway, onto the more, fun pictures.

These pictures were from my first night 'UV themed bar crawl' - a pretty messy night but i managed to make it to the last bar! Impressive eh?

 Just being a cool kid doing the splits, you know? Don't you just love the cards scattered round the room?
The above image and the image below, are just showing how much of a cool kid i really am. Who am i trying to kid? What a loser haha! Or embarassment.. or both? Alcohol was slightly involved in this, and it really brings out my double chin haha!
I am so attractive...?
 Dressed up for the newbies bar crawl in school girl, i'm aware i look a bit out there, boobies hanging out and all that, but it's for fun i guess.

In the first bar we went in, charlotte from geordie shore was sat outside with her friends, so in fairness, we shouldn't have bothered her, but we did. We sat down and i was like... has anyone noticed charlotte is there? at this point, nobody noticed so i didnt want to go up to her, but then everyone noticed and crowded round her, i was just like, what the hell? But i managed to get a photo and she said she didn't mind because i apologised for interupting her with her friends, aparently she had been egged that night. One thing i will say is, she seems alot different when she's not being filmed for geordie shore, quite quiet.

Another bar crawl in army theme. A post to come on that lipstick i'm wearing, i love it! These are more posey, i thought i needed posey ones to go with the ridiculous ones.

On my last night with my new found best irish friend called steph. We are both 4ft11 so we looked cute walking together and dancing together. She literally is THE most colourful person i have ever met, its pretty amazing. She gave me a multi-coloured garland to 'start off your colourful collection' bless her! So hopefully a trip to ireland in the future!

 Me and heather in our free t-shirts, i had been up all night, and this was at around 6 in the morning before i left, so i look pretty dead. Bed bug bites still visible :(
 And this is what i had to put up with. Though pretty hilarious. No word of a lie, i was waved off with the guys dressed like that, and the front view is not pretty, but i didn't think you needed to see the pictures of it. I got on the coach and just said 'i apologise for my naked friends' They all saw the funny side of it and it was deffinately the best send off i could have had.

So this brings me to the end of the post, i hope you found it a slight bit interesting or funny.

Love Louisa


  1. Pardon my french but bloody hell at those bites!

    Looks like you had a great time (when you weren't being bitten, driven insane or generally not enjoying yourself). It's so nice you're so proud of yourself :D

    Lea x

  2. OMG i cant believe the bites you got on your legs! That would have been awful! :(
    How long did you book to go out for?
    Looks like you had a fun time :) I love that lipstick btw loo forward toy our post on it xx

  3. ohh i had the exact same experience with bed bugs few years back then! Extremely awful and annoying :0
    clear everything on the bed and get well soon!
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. I loved reading this post but more looking at the pictures, i just love peoples holiday photos gets me all excited :)
    Looks like you had a fun time out there, i would love to do what you done and just go for it maybe one day i may try it!
    But also those horrible bed bugs are right b**tards arent they lol. I thought you could only get them from like dirty bedding? :( Anyway hope the bites are okay now, and hope you had a fantastic time. :D

  5. Wow, those bed bugs defiantly loved your blood! I would've complained about it to reception. I'm glad you had a fab time! I'm so jealous of you seeing Charlotte she's my favourite of them all. Those guys can defiantly pull off them bikinis! The lipstick looks fabulous on you.

  6. how did you go about working abroad!?
    looks like sooo much fun!