Saturday, 23 June 2012

Guess who's back.

Hey lovely's!
So i'm now back in the UK after a shaky flight & getting sick 4 times on the airoplane! I did the whole airport buisness on my own which i am so proud of myself for! But i'm glad to be back at home!

(shadebathing by the pool, because i'm cool)

I was gone for just over 2 weeks which doesn't sound too long, but when it's a week or something, it's sort of like a holiday & living in those sort of conditions isn't too bad, but when you are constantly having to live in mess & it's stupidly sweaty when you are trying to sleep, or you just nod off and your room mates come bursting through the door at 5 in the morning, it gets tiring.

I'm not saying i didn't enjoy it, i just couldn't live there for the summer. I genuinely missed blogging whilst i was out there, i lost my mojo for writing before i left, but i'm pretty sure it's back now, and obviously i don't have a job at the moment so maximum effort will be put in for you guys :)

Another magaluf post to come with pictures & stories, some embarassing & some funny :) & then back to normal :)

Love louisa


  1. Aw yay your back :) Hope u had a fun 2 weeks out there, cant wait for these pics and stories :) xx

  2. Oh noo shaky flights = my worst nightmare! Im terrified of flying even if its just a 2 hour thing! haha glad youre back look forward to hearing all about it :) xx

  3. Whoop! I hate shaky flights! Even worse for me is flying through the night, when taking off I leave nail marks in someone's hands.
    Can't wait to hear what you got up to :D

  4. hope you had a nice time never the less!
    i added your button to my page,love your blog so much xx