Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Do you remember me? (huge post - you WILL get bored.)

Hello my lovely's!

Thought I dissapeared from the face of the earth?.. I might as well have done. I promised I would be back straight away, and i do apologise for not being - but im going to be totally honest. I lost my mojo. I had no inspiration or desire to write. I had a break (a very big one at that). But i'm finally getting my blogging mojo back & i have so much to ramble on about.. you lucky readers you!

So what has been taking over my life you may ask? Well.. I've had pretty much no money, so i have avoided shops at all costs, i have instead, spent too much time on the xbox, on minecraft. Now for those of you that don't know what minecraft is, basically it is a pixelated game that you would imagine to be herendously boring. This game is the most simple, yet most addictive and time consuming game i have ever come accross. I'm not sure if you were all aware that i am a pretty massive xbox geek, but you are now.

Basically, you dig blocks, and build stuff, out of square blocks, cool right? ok maybe not, but i like it. Above is a picture of what someone has made from minecraft (i found the image on google, so i haven't build that) but if any of you would be interested to see i may look into getting pictures (let me know)

So, it's been over 2 months, and i still have 69 of you lovely followers! And some of you are lovely enough to still comment, and i am extremely greatful & i feel i haven't been good enough, but i'm back.

I want to say another huge thank you for your support & i will be back on thursday with the magaluf news and college news and what not. Unfortuneatley i won't be able to do any hauls because i have no pennies, but i'm sure i will have enough to write about in the mean time :)

Going to give the blog a revamp soon too, now i have photoshop back.

Love Louisa


  1. Yes I remember you :D
    My guy friends are always on their Xbox's playing COD or GOW (I've recently found out what they meant) I'm happy with my DS and Mario :D
    Can't wait for your news.

  2. Yaay cant wait to hear all about Magaluf :)! I go through stages where i spend my time on the Sims (haha im 21 but still love a bit of sim-time :P)