Monday, 18 June 2012

Coping away from home.

Hello lovely's, it's me again! Long time no speak!
So i've currently been in magaluf for 2 weeks. Taking that plunge to just go for it on my own and what not was hard. Before leaving, and probably because it was such a quick decision, i didn't really get nervous or anything, i just wanted to go but after being here, i've realised it just isn't me anymore.

The fun wears off and i've realised that dealing with rowdy drunk people just isn't my thing. I've been bitten like you wouldn't believe & i haven't seen the sun as much as i would have hoped. Don't get me wrong, i have enjoyed myself, but staying out here just won't really suit me.

I miss my blogging, and to be honest, i sort of miss british weather, interesting right? I am proud of myself for being brave and taking that leap, but i also think i'm brave for realising i've made yet another mistake (the first being choosing the wrong university & course). I don't regret coming out here, but i can't wait to come home.  I've met amazing people & i 100% have developed as a person (i may possibly have now grown up?)

So hopefully within the next couple of weeks i will be back to my blogging & what not & giving you my stories :) I have missed you all!

Love Louisa


  1. aww atleast its been an experience that you wont forget :) the rowdy drunk people is what always put me off too - cant wait to hear all about it when youre back though! Have you taken some photos and whatnot? :)) xx

  2. Yay, I've missed your posts :D Even though you feel this way I'm very proud that you're doing it. Loads of people (including myself) aren't brave enough to make a decision and go. At least you'll have great memories and can say 'yeah I did that'. It's currently peeing down everywhere here :(