Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ladies, i need your help!

So as you probably are aware, i'm off to magaluf. Now in terms of make-up, im sorted, all apart from foundation. I was just wondering what anyone would reccomend i buy? I've been looking for a tinted moisturizer but i can't find one to save my life, & i've been looking at BB creams.
I don't want anything that's going to be too heavy, i don't want anything oily, and i need it to give me coverage. I've seen a couple of bad reviews of BB creams, but then again, i wasn't really looking for BB creams so i wasn't searching, what are your views or is there a foundation you would reccomend?

Anything that is under £10 would be helpful.

I can't believe it's a week away! it's madness how this year has gone! I'm deffinately changing as a person though. Usually i will look to the downside and think negatively, but i'm just staying calm & working around the problems :) I'm not worrying, just sorting & looking forward too it.

My good old mum bless her, i don't think she ever wants me to leave. As much as she dislikes me when i'm at home and she literally finds any excuse to get mad at me (she's admitted this), she is going to find it difficult to get over. I am honestly so grateful to all of my family for helping make this happen for me, especially my dad. Without their support, i would deffinately not be doing it!

Handing my notice into work was a nice feeling! I have 2 shifts left & then i am done :) Just need to get on to that blummin tax man now! I don't even have a tax code, yet he's still taking over 80 a month off me! pure daylight robbery going off!

Thanks :)
Love Louisa


  1. Woohoo one week!
    Well done for being organised and working through the problems :)
    I am using the 17 BB cream atm and that is quite nice and light (for usual BB creams!). And I am using Collection 2000 foundation too (pink lid one) and that is nice and cheaper end!

  2. I'd definitely recommend 'Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturising Day Cream' I use it every single day because it's very light weight and blends into any skin tone for a natural look. I always get compliments on it, my mum always says it looks like i have nothing one which is amazing haha I usually purchase mine from Boots to get my nifty points but i think Tesco sell it now too :) at Boots it's £3.66 and it lasts ages :) I usually just apply it with my hands but recently i've been using a stippling brush and it comes out even more natural :)
    Have an awesome time in Magaluf :)



  3. I'm so excited for you! I have no idea about BB Creams sorry about that, but at the moment I'm using Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation and its fantastic :) It's only £7.99 from Boots too.

  4. Grrr the tax man! haha
    cant believe you go so soon! Defs do a few posts when youre out there!
    I LOVE the garnier BB cream! They do it in light and medium (which is quite tan) and i believe theyve bought out a version for oily skin? I love it - keeps my skin looking smooth all day and with a dusting of powder im good to go :)
    I also like the No7 Tinted Moisturiser - it has SPF in it and isn't really oily like a lot of them.. i think they have their £5 vouchers floating about right now too - its really good - i often take this on holiday :) xx

  5. We all hate the tax man, such a rip off!! So jel of you going out to Magaluf, I'm sure your going to have a wicked time.. don't forget to post while your out there. My brother is going out there in a few weeks for his lads holiday wish i was going too but I'm going zante instead. Have you thought about Liz Earle tinted cosmetics, a little pricey but defo worth a try. Hope you have fun out there :D get your tan on

    Natalie xxx


  6. Ah cant believe your going! Your going to have such an amazing time :D
    Id recommend Rimmels Wake me Up foundation thats what ive been using and it gives such a natural glow to the skin and dont feel cakey at all but also covers up redness! (good for the sunburn :p) Only £8.99 too and it lasts nearly all day and also has SPF 15 ;)
    Have a great timeeee come back soon! :D

  7. Goodluck!! :)
    I've tagged you in a post on my blog! x

  8. I use the dream foam foundation by Maybelline, I love it, its really light and long lasting so I'd definitely recommend it. Have a nice time!


  9. Hello dear,
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    have a nice day!