Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday scales & Ramblings #002.

So, i'm not going to give up, i'm going to stick at this, week 2. &... i've failed a bit haha! Well not failed, but i've not done well. I will warn you, the bottom is picture heavy, so if your just interested in the scale & ramble, stick to the top, you have been warned ;)
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weekly weigh in
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I haven't done well, i haven't gained, but i haven't lost either, so my weight is still 10 stone 8. So although i haven't reached the goals i set, click [here] to see last weeks. But to be honest, in terms of eating and what not, i haven't tried at all really, and i have still indulged in fast food everyday (the problem with working at a shopping center). But the second goal was to drink atleast a glass of water everyday. I haven't done it everyday, but i have for a few days, so that's a positive! I have also today done 20 minutes on the crosstrainer & drunk 2, yes 2! glasses of water, yay me!
goals this week:
♥ - lose a pound.
♥ - drink one glass of water a day.
♥ - do 20 minutes on the crosstrainer 3 days out of the week.
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updating & rambling
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001.Clinton cards who i work for has gone into administration. So obviously i have no idea what's happening, further making me want to move abroad for the summer.
002. Going out when your working the next day really isn't fun! But on the other hand, it was a great night out!
003. Ashley & Pudsey won britains got talent, thank god! I couldn't deal with another singer winning it & they literally are amazing!
004. I had to give another chapter of 'confessions of an online dater' because, it just wasn't meant to be. I have learnt to get on with things & think positively, rather than get angry with him & blame him and get all upset about it. Therefore doing #89 on my 100 things list :D
005. I am 90% sure i am going to be moving abroad. All my life i haven't because i've been scared or what not, and i would rather regret what i do, than regret what i don't do. There isn't anything here for me until september, so why not go? If i don't like it, i can come back, atleast then i know i've tried!
006. reminising over old facebook photos. Looking at times when i was happy or slimmer, it's very interesting. Below are some of the photos i've come accross.

my first trip to magaluf, i was having so much fun, i was pretty drunk, and i had my bra on show, but i was extremely happy even if i don't look it haha!
my last night out with one of my best friends before i left for uni, this was also a great night, but from this night on, i never really saw her & we became distant :(

being part of the titans cheerleading team was one of 2 reasons i stayed at uni for as long as i did. The bottom 2 are from the 2 socials we had, great fun!

 & here is the other reason i stayed as long as i did. He was my best friend at that uni & he made everything that little bit better!
first ariving at magaluf the 2nd time ready to go to the hotel at 2 in the morning, to which we just went straight on the strip til 6am haha! I was so so excited at this point.
 I love my face in this picture, i have no idea why his trousers down, but i clearly wasn't impressed.
 I have no idea who these boys were, but one of them was on the floor acting like a dog.

 I really am so cool.
We had tops with stupid names for us on, and we bumped into some guys who also had tops with stupid names on.

My 20th birthday last year, only my one best friend came out with me because my other friends let me down & to be honest it was a really great night! My birthday is on the 22nd of december, which explains the hat.
Me with my 2 best friends :) I really like my hair in this picture.
& finally a picture from friday night, i have no idea why i can't just smile, i'm way too cool (and modest ;)

If you made it this far & aren't bored then high five to you! I will be doing new followers soon too so look out for that :)
Love Louisa


  1. You will reach your goal weight in no time just gotta stick your head into it :) Aww i love looking through old facebook pictures brings back sooo many memories and then seeing who i used to be friends with and how much has changed! I loved them pictures made me chuckle with the ones with those random boys haha. I neeed to go Magaluf! :D Looks like youve had some good times! :) You are really pretty! Even in the drunk pics. :p Defo go out in the summer!

    1. Haha yeah, it's just pushing myself to stick to it, it's so hard haha! & yeah you defo need to go, its a good laugh :) & thankyou xx

  2. Thanks for being honest about your set goals, a lot of people over exaggerate how much they've actually done!
    Your pictures are amazing, they defiantly made me laugh :D I love your face where the lad's got his pants down! You look SO pretty on your birthday photo :D

    1. Well i don't see the point in lieing on here, it's only really lieing to myself :) & thankyou :) x

  3. This is what I call "the right use of Facebook";-)))