Thursday, 17 May 2012

Me so sorry.

I'm extremely sorry for the lack of blogging the past few days. For a fair few reasons, i've just not wanted to, or had nothing to blog about. & i would rather not do forced reviews of random products just so i get a post up, i would rather want to blog about it, so sorry chaps!

Everything just seems so confusing at the moment & one minute i think i know what i want, the next i'm so confused about it all again! I'm not going to lie, i got minecraft for the xbox a few days ago and i've become obsessed with that since i was having a bad day, and it completely takes my mind away from anything else. If you haven't been on it before, although it looks like it was made in about 1990 (it probably was) - it's extremely addictive!

I also haven't got the funds to buy new products & what not as i don't get paid until next week, so that's another reason i've been away for a while, it depresses me seeing all the products people have when i can't buy anything myself.

I'm also highly considering (and i mean around 99% sure) that i am going to go abroad for a couple of months. If any of you fancy it, please please please get in touch! or any information whatsoever you could give me to help me, i honestly would appreciate it!

There will probably be more updates of 'confessions of an online dater' coming up aswell as i am back on that scene. As much as i miss talking to him, i know that when one door shuts, another one opens, in this case im pretty sure it's going to be going abroad.

My friend is trying to set me up with someone, but can you set people up if they really aren't in the mindset to be with someone? I think that's what it is, i've been single for so long, i expect a lot from a partner to be now. I know i can be on my own, so unless he can prove to me that he's worth me commiting, what's the point. Would that class me as being independant? or just scared? So if im in this mindset, no commitments, surely this is the right time to go exploring and go and have fun!

Are there any posts you would like to see from me at any point? room tour? favourite whatever?

Let me know, sorry for not posting & sorry for rambling, i will be back to my normal posts soon :)
Love Louisa x


  1. I totally agree with you! Stand your ground, the right person is sure going to come along sooner or later :) no point in being with someone and being unhappy when you can be happy on your own? Good on ya girl! :) xxxx

  2. aw im the same. If i havent got anything to blog about i just leave it for a few days :)

    OO a room tour would be so interesting! Its not something you usually see on blogger - ive been thinking of doing one for a while too.. just not sure how to do it

    Ohh defs go abroad honeypiee! Id love to go so much ive been thinking of doing it this summer too.. just not sure if work will let me but its got to the point where i actually might even hand in my notice and be a devil just so i can have the amazing experience of it. I know 2 people who've done it and loved it. One worked in a hotel and is thinking of moving permanently..

    Just followed you on twitter :D didnt know you had it - yaay xx