Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Scales & Ramblings #003.

Hello lovely's,
I'm back for week 3, I decided this was the best day to get back into my posting, so for now, i'm back, and a little bit more upbeat haha!
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weekly weigh in
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I was just about to tuck into my sunday dinner, got about 1 potatoe down me, and then realised that it was sunday and i needed to weigh myself. I wasn't going to do it after the massive dinner i was about to eat, so i quickly jumped up, and stood on the weighing scales. 10stone5.8. So closed to 10stone6, but either way, i'm happy with that! I've hit my goal of losing a pound :D yay! I have drunk a bottle of water most days, so that goal isn't completely fullfilled, & i haven't been on the crosstrainer again, so that isn't either.

I know the reason i've lost some though, not eating fast food as much. I work in a shopping center & i get to work an hour before because of public transport so i just get a subway, mcdonalds or kfc before work. I have had 1 kfc this week and it was a snackbox, so that clearly must be it, because i haven't really done much else different apart from drinking a bit extra water.

I will be going on the crosstrainer the moment i have finished this post as i am feeling a little bit more positive about it now. goals for this week:
♥ - lose a pound again.
♥ - go on the crosstrainer twice (maybe more reachable goal)
♥ - have fast food only once this week.
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updating & rambling
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001. This week has still been a bit of a blur, a boring blur in which my mind has been all over the place & back again.
002. Working in retail just isn't for me i don't think. For now, my mind is abroad, that's what i want to try (just incase you hadn't already worked that out from previous post's ;) I'm not going to lie, i'm extremely scared to think i might even consider doing it, but i'm sure it will be a great experience and learning curve for me.
003. My mum has finally come to terms with the fact that i want to go away. I went to uni but after 3 weeks i came back every weekend, so the thought of me gone for 2 months scares her & she is finding it very hard to let me go. But she's taking it on board now bless her!
004. I'm learning new things out about my best friends recently, one of them is acting very different and i don't know how to deal with her changing, she's become very sneaky and stuff and it's wierd. I'm the only one out of my friends that is single, and it's been that way for ages now & it annoys me how many times i've been bummed off for said boyfriends, but when they want me there, they expect me to come running, frustrating.

Thank you to you absolute lovely's that always comment & read my posts (even if they are depressing or boring) - you girls know who you are & you girls are who i see being good friends in the future, thanks for support :)

Love Louisa


  1. Well done on losing weight and making those changes! I haven't been so good but exams over on thurs and then massive kick starts as have finally more time and less stress!
    I am excited for you on the going abroad - where are you thinking of going?? My mum hates me being away at Uni hah - I know what it is like :)

    1. I'm thinking zante, just depends on wether my friend gets back to me whos over there :) & it's funny isn't it haha! She can't live with me, but she can't live without me either lol! x

  2. Well done for hitting your goal :) Keep it up sunshinee :)
    I know what you mean about retail - i have no idea how i worked full time for 3 years in my shop.. its made such a difference now im at uni and only do weekends but all i ever wanted to do was go abroad.
    Ohh and i SO know what you mean about friends fobbing you off for boyfriends..i used to have one best friend who did this all the time - hence why we are no longer best friends.haha xx

  3. That's excellent, keep going :D It's brilliant that your mam is on board, I'm an only child and any time I think about going away I don't want to leave her on her own :(
    And the friend situation I'm in the same place as you, a friend blew me off a couple of weeks back saying she had plans with her boyfriend when instead she went clubbing with her sister! I hardly speak to her now.