Thursday, 26 April 2012

A - Z of Louisa Mary

I saw this on Rae-Rae's blog and i thought it looked fun, so i am now doing it :) Just to give you a bit more about myself and mainly because i'm a bit bored. I get paid today though, so a haul and reviews will be up soon, and my first ever glossybox should be here soon, yay!

Age: 20 years old.
Bed size: Double bed, although i sleep in the middle because it seems to have a dip in it haha!
Chore you hate: Emptying the dishwasher! I have no idea why, i just hate it!
Dogs: I have 2 yorkshire terriers called daphney & reo.
Essential start of your day: Snooze button!
Favourite colour: Pastel pink.
Gold or silver: Gold.
Height: 4'11. I'm really small for my age.
Instruments i play: None haha! Dad has electric drums in the garage i bash about on though.
Job title: Sales assistant, dreaming of becoming a make-up artist in the future!
Kids: None, surprising though seeing as everyone else in my year seems to have them!
Live: In the steel city of Sheffield :)
Mums name: Deborah.
Nickname: My mum calls me loulou sometimes, i used to call myself loubi from 13-15 then grew out of it.
Obsession: There wasn't an O so added my own, and my obsession would be harry potter if we aren't including make-up.
Pet peeve: People who chew their chewing gum loud and open their mouths really wide & look like a cow chewing on grass, gross!
Quote from a movie: Life is like a film, it always has a happy ending and if there is no happy ending, it means that the film is not done yet - Om Kapoor - from the film 'Om shanti Om' - if you haven't seen this bollywood film, watch it. I thought i would hate it but it's now one of my favourites. There is another line that i love from it but i don't remember it word for word. may do a review on this film.
Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: One older step sister.
Time you wake up: As late as i can, i am very lazy & have a terrible sleep pattern!
Underwear: To be honest, anything but thongs. I don't seem to like them anymore apart from the odd day, its all about frenchies.
Vegetables you dislike: Cucumber, tomatoes, peas, sprouts.
What makes you run late: Pressing the snooze button.
X-rays you've had done: A few on my arms and a few on me knee for an op i had earlier this year.
Yummy food you make: I make a lovely shephards pie, and i make yummy cupcakes!
Zoo animal: Tigers. I think they are beautiful creatures.
If anybody else does this, let me know in a comment, i would love to read your too because i'm nosey like that :)
Love Louisa.


  1. Love these type of posts, I just done it! :) xx

  2. I love being nebby! I've just posted one too :)