Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Just rambling to myself & whoever wants to read :) & wishlist.

I really can't believe how fast this year is going! It's mad! So many things are going through my mind. The only thing I am certain of is that I am going to college in september to do exactly what I want to do. It makes me excited to know that I will be on the road to making my dreams come true. I love seeing beautiful houses & things, and range rovers and thinking, if i work really hard, i can have that. Why shouldn't i have that? I've started trying to train my brain to think 'i am going to have' rather than 'i wish i could have' or 'if i won the lottery i could have'. Here is a wishlist and some things that i may buy on friday because it is payday YAY!

01: Milkshake nail varnish by topshop. My favourite colour is pastel pink and this is a lighter pink which i think would look more subtle. I need this. [link here]
02: Forget me not nail varnish by topshop. I don't have a baby blue or pastel blue kind of colour and i think this looks really pretty so i definately need this in my collection! [link here]
03: Daydream nail varnish by topshop. I think this is a really nice shade for spring/summer and I have one like it from BarryM, but it isn't as milky, it's more bright, if that makes sense! [link here]
04: Eclipse nail varnish by topshop. I think the colour looks nice but would have to see it in person before i buy it. [link here]
05: Fifty shades triology. I saw about this triology on someones blog last night and it sounds right up my street, and at WHSmiths it has gone down in price, so why not! [link here]
06: Blush in primetime by topshop. I don't have many blushers, and i don't have a cream blush. I love topshop packaging and i like that this is a bright colour. [link here]
07: Powder room lipstick by topshop. I just have an obsession for lipsticks and i like that this is a crayon lipstick rather than a stick. I also like the look of the colour, i think it looks similar to my favourite lipstick by e.l.f (runway pink). [link here]
08:  ASOS multipack adjustable cross rings. I seem to have a thing for crosses at the moment and I just think these are cute & they are adjustable for my chubby fingers haha! [link here]
09: Bees Knees nail varnish by topshop. If it's not obvious already, i love pastel colours, and i just feel i need this. I think that's a good enough reason :) [link here]
10: Comforter bubble bar from LUSH. This will be a repurchase. I absolutely LOVE this bubble bar. It was my first ever purchase from lush, and i don't regret it. I will do a seperate review once i have bought another one. [link here]

I also have's me some new followers :)

Thank you very much, it's so lovely when i get comments because i get the email through on my phone and it just brightens up my day! And when i see i have new followers i get excited & it's nice to check other peoples blogs & find out who they are following so i can follow :) I think i will possibly do a giveaway at 100 followers (if i get there), if i don't, i am more than happy with the lovelys that i already have! especially those that comment regularly and actually take the time to take an interest in what i have to say. sarajayne - meesh - Lea - Beth - Sian - I'm pointing my finger at you lovelys! Thank you so much, you make it all worth while!

Love Louisa


  1. I adore Lush bubble bars, the pink one you've mentioned and the blue one the same are my favourites. I make sure to pick the biggest one on display - they're all the same price so why not!

  2. It's crazy how fast this year has gone, the Royal Wedding only seems like it was a couple of months ago. I really hope your dreams do come true. I love it when people have dreams and ambitions I'm constantly in my dream world it's so much better than reality! That Eclipse nail varnish is a gorgeous colour reminds me of a peacock. You're totally welcome, your blog is one of my favourites and I don't have many :D