Monday, 23 April 2012


I am so excited right now. Today was my interview/workshop for college. You know that moodboard i talked about? Mine did end up being the biggest, and i think only 3 of us out of the 13 had actually done one. I would rather be the one that tried the hardest than didn't try at all!

Now i will tell you, there were 2 girls on this interview thingymbob, and they literally were vile. I will explain to you, just so you can be just as in much shock as i am. Unless you are like these girls, in which case you will be offended. These 2 girls, walked in talking, and walked in with attitude. Neither of them were wearing what we had been asked to wear, and neither of them had brought mood boards. I found out they were 16 and still in school (not that it wasn't obivous). We were given tasks to do on the hair of doll heads (i don't know the real term for them). Now bearing in mind this was an interview.. the lady doing it asked if one of the girls had done it before, this girls reply was 'my teacher asked me to do if before but a got stressed aaahht and teld her i want doing it or a wah gunna throw it out a window'. (if you say it how its spelt, that is kind of what the rotheram accent is like, and thats how she said it. So already this girl has serious attitude.

We then had to sit outside to wait to be called in for individual interviews. These 2 girls had postioned themselves so that there wasn't much room, so therefor i was sat with only one cheek on the seat, comfy! Now i thought fair enough i can deal with this, until they opened their mouths. I literally was sat there to myself thinking 'are these girls for real?' I am going to write some of the things they said, becasue i just couldn't believe it! These were 2 16 year old girls, both still in school, with the particularly chavvy look about them. Here we go..

'school said they wah chekin up on me attendance and that and if a dunt turn up it will affect me college place but a dunt give a shit anyway al jus gu on dole me'

'av ya seen rain! am gunna rob someones umbrella me, av got me own but am gunna rob someone elses because i dunt want mine'

'a love boys in cars me. a think am gunna marry a sub. am jus gunna walk daan isle and have bassy sub blastin aaat and that'

'a went aht wi that lad but a dint even like im so a cheated on im 3 times but a dint even give a shit like'

'a love bass me, a sit on bus and that and all grannies sat rahnd me and i just blast me tunes aat'

'on me last day of school am gunna batter this teacher me'

'a dunt even give a shit me, on me last day am gunna buy some maggots and lob em in all classrooms a dunt care. am guna make sure am escorted off premises by police me'

'a wah just smokin this bud proper pure and that it wah buzzin'

'for prom am jus gunna put vodka and that dahn me bra and walk in wi massive tits and walk out wi little ones and am gunna get smashed and av shots an that'

These girls really were delightful. I was sat in horror, i literally could not believe it. Has anyone else ever come accross anything like this before? it was disgusting, they used more swear words than that but i feel its a bit inapropriate for on here. Anyway, after listening to their fowl mouths, i was the 2nd to be called in. My interview went well and i was offered a place on level 3 hair & media make-up then and there. So luckily for me, even if those girls do get on the course, they won't be on the same as me!

So, as of september i will be a college student and i really cannot wait. I know what my dream is and i am now following it! And also our college is being sponsored by illamasqua so i will be starting off with a professional kit and then get 20% discount from then on. So i am one pretty happy chappy right now! Just got to decide what to do from now until september. Do i get a full time job? Move abroad? Any advice or suggestions welcome :)

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  1. hahaha this made me laugh so much! No matter where you are you always get people who are like that. I remember when it was my first day at college two girls walked in with a proper bad attitude and flashing their chewing gums to the rest of us. Thankfully turned out they were in the wrong class! But anyway WELL DONE for getting on the coursee! :) xxx

    1. Haha they are vile aren't they, that's the one thing i'm not looking forward too - i know the bus station i will have to go too is full of scumbags like this and it scares me. but thank you :D xx

  2. Bwhaha! I had to read these out loud I hope I did the accent justice!
    I hate girls like these, they're just so annoying it's like just grown the F up!
    I think this is a great day for college people I just got onto my childcare course today as well :D

  3. Sounds a lot like a Glasgow accent - or maybe it's just 'cause I have one (not like that I might add!!) that I read it like that.

    Well done on the course, I'd love to go back to uni :( I'm doing a part time college course at the moment while I work 'cause there's just no way that I can afford it x

  4. Found your awesome blog through blog-hop. Following you now. Please drop by my blog if you'd like:

  5. After reading your comment on my blog I decided to check you out! I relate to you so much!! :) So glad you have found what you want to do and you are now happy!! Hope it all becomes clear for me too soon!! - Also, all the girls where I live are pretty much like this ;) xxx