Thursday, 26 April 2012

Believing that you are beautiful.

I needed to post this. I have literally just shocked myself. I like to look on tumblr for inspiration and i put in the word beautiful in the search tags. While scrolling down i found this image:
Underneath were the tags #curvy, #plus size, #sexy & #pin up. I personally can see why this image came up under beautiful, because it is. Alright there is possibly a tiny bit of photoshop gone on on the legs, but either way, its still beautiful. This lead me to then click on the tag #plus size, to see what came up. There are so many pictures of plus size women under this tag. A fair few of the women have their stomach's out on show, and i think all of these plus size women look amazing.

The only thing is, although i'm plus size myself, i would NEVER see my body as beautiful like theirs. It's so funny how i can look at women who are bigger than me & what not, and see them as beautiful, yet when i see my own body i think EW! I have one image of my body which i will put below:
I am the one on the far right if you hadn't already guessed, this was the only photo of my body taken in magaluf last year. Now apart from the facebook of the girl who took this, this picture has not been seen. I refused to tag myself in it because i am embarassed about it and i didn't want people i know seeing it. There may be women out there that look at my body and think what's wrong with that, that's beautiful, but in my eyes, it looks disgusting! How is it that we can't see it in ourselves, but if we see it on somebody else, its beautiful?

I then clicked onto one of the pages called chubby-bunnies, and by god i am so glad i did! It literally is so heart warming to see all of these women that are not scared to be who they are. Women who will wear what makes them happy, wear what they want. By far one of the most inspirational things i've ever seen. I will be checking back on this site more often, and who knows, i might take my own cheeky photos and try and grow to love my own body!

Love Louisa


  1. look HAWT! Honestly, looking at that photo I was thinking it was another inspiration one that you had found.

    I'm the same, I hate my body & I think I always will, I'll check out the site and let you know what I think!

    1. Thank you, and yeah deffinately, it made me feel a lot happier! The women on there really are inspirational x

  2. You shouldn't be conscious at all! There's so much pressure on girls to be stick thin these days and its silly! We should all try to be happy with what we've got :) x x x.

    1. It's hard not to be i guess, just learning to accept yourself & be proud of who you are. I could probably see someone with the exact same shape as me, height and everything, and i would see them as beautiful haha! Too much photoshopping on magazines i rekon! xx

  3. I used to feel the exact same, mainly in high school as I was the only the 'fat chick with a great personality'.
    It wasn't until the end of 6th Form until I thought 'you know what I'm never going to see half of these people again why should I give a shit what they think'.
    As that was only last year at the moment I like my body not love. It just takes time not a process you can rush, you just need to be you. That page is beautiful, thanks for sharing it now a follower of them. It really is inspiring :D