Saturday, 21 April 2012

What do we go out for? (ranting again :P)

Hey lovelys...
So, last night I went out to a town near me called rotheram. Now this town is by no means posh, known to be a bit scruffy, it's not, but you know. And i went to the night club that I always go too on a friday. Last night was 90s night, and with being born in the 90s and growing up in the 90s, I am obviously a huge fan of that music. Anyway, whenever me & my best friend go out, we always go for the dancing. And i mean dancing. The sort of embarassing running man kind of dancing, but we don't care... its fun!

Whilst dancing last night, and i've noticed this a few nights, you get the girls, that are up to their eyeballs in makeup, the biggest heels, the hotpants on, just standing and pouting! Did you come out to look like a doll that doesn't move? What the hell? I just don't understand, if they looked like they were having fun, I could understand, but they are the ones who look down their noses at anyone who looks like they are trying to have fun (for example me & my friend who probably look like the guys from the inbetweeners when they are dancing on the film).

One example i saw, was one girl, a rather pretty face, she had massive hair (it was lovely hair), massive heels, and a skirt that you would wear to an interview that came to her knees, now when she was stood in one place, it looked nice, but i watched her walk and she was waddling like a duck.. whilst still pouting and looking down her nose at everyone! Now when she finally did make it onto the dancefloor, she obviously was restricted to the one dance move because of her skirt, so she looked rather strange, but never the less, the boys LOVED it haha! Now the girls shoes looked VERY painful, and within an hour (im guessing at that, but i don't know myself because there was a trip to the bar and alot of dancing) but i noticed her sat down on her own, with her shoes off. The once snobby look on her face, had turned to one of, i can't even describe it, but it wasn't pretty!

Do some girls go out purely to pout and look the best out? I myself obviously like to look good, and if a guy gives me attention it's nice, but i don't go out just to look pretty, is there any fun in that? I imagine if any girls are reading this and you go out just to stand there, i've probably offended you, but i don't mean too, it's just a matter of opinion. Does anybody else go out and notice these kind of people? Comment below.

& do you know what the funny thing is, i've actually noticed a fair few boys that do it worse than girls! surely that can't be right! There is another thing that some guys like to do when they are out that i think is worse than this, but i am going to save that for another post because i feel this one is maybe too long now. Sorry for another big rant :)

Love Louisa


  1. Haha, I love your rants, especially the comment about being a doll. The Inbetweeners dance is just the best we try to do it each time we're out.
    I see it all the time and half of its just to do the shopping. Its 10x's worse living in Newcastle (Thanks, Geordie Shore NOT!)
    We go out in our jeans sometimes we even wear our converse if we're just staying in one place! That's how laid back we are.

    1. Haha i'm not going to lie, i do love geordie shore, but i can definately imagine how bad it is! Don't get me wrong, i dress up, but i don't stand like a manequin lol. :) thank you for your comment & sorry for only replying now x

  2. i LOVED this.. i love reading stuff like this. YES it annoys me so much.. i HATE girls like this - im not a shy person but most of the time they actually make me feel slightly uncomfortable because they STARE - and get all their other equally doll-like friends to STARE. I dont go to a club to stare at people so why should they? grrr.. it just looks like theyre not having fun at all? :| xx

    1. Haha i was 'inspired' to do this post because of your rantyish post haha! It brought out the inner ranter in me haha! & yeah they make me feel uncomfortable too! But once i've had a drink down me i feel like i could take all the bitches on lmfao! Exactly, that's like that girl, she looked like she was having no fun at all! & sorry for only just replying now xx

  3. Hey there, I loved this post! I am so glad you followed my blog as I have found your blog and it's great hehe, just my sort of blog! I agree with this post so much, and the other commenters - anyone zapped of a personality is a mystery to me :)

    1. Thank you, i'm glad you like it, watch out for more rants, i'm full of them lmao! xx