Thursday, 19 April 2012

Just to let you know..

So basically i came accross a blog today (this one) and she had linked a video by zoella and sprinkle of glitter. I watched the video and it's, sort of set me straight I guess. The video is about their blogging tips & things (link to the video here). Now what they say in the video is not to care about free stuff and followers & things, which i didn't care about that much anyway, it's nice that people are supporting me and following me. But after watching that, it's sort of changed my mind a bit. Now originally when i first started this blog, i did name it something like 'my little piece of internet space' - which is exactly what a blog is i guess.

I then started to get followers and things and i became interested in other peoples blogs and started following them, but a lot of them were a lot of the same things, different, but the same. OOTDs and reviews and things, and then their personal things. Now in their video they say you should only write about what you want to write about. Now this is kind of what i started to do with the 'confessions of an online dater'. I have done some reviews and things, but i guess i feel i need to do reviews and stuff because everyone else does them.

So what i am saying is this blog is probably going to become a lot more personal, more about me than it is now. I'm just informing anyone that reads on a regular basis or anything, just incase they only follow blogs for beauty or something, so that they know what to expect. I am passionate about a lot of things and here is the place where i am going to express (maybe probably rant) these things.

I will also do hauls and things, and i have subscribed to glossybox this month, so i will be doing a post on that to give MY opinions on it, but this space is going to become more... Louisa maryfied? & i apologise in advance, because this blog could turn very ranty :) but i was just making you aware just incase you didn't want to follow anymore or anything. I think i am going to carry on the confessions too. I want to look back on this blog when i am older and see what i thought/did/achieved.

Rant number one | Public transport.
Now I pay a fair amount of money for my monthly bus pass, well, i say a month, but it only lasts 28 days. This means that if you get it at the wrong time of the month, you have to buy 2 in one month, that's 107 pounds a month. Now if this was on a car, it probably wouldn't be that bad, you know, you can go when you want and things. With public transport, there are set times. Now they have set times, your paying 53 pounds for 28 days, you are relying on this public transport, it doesn't turn up!

I see posters around about how it's better to get the bus or car share, adverts on how buses are so amazing, you've all seen that cheesy advert right.. 'i believe that buses are the future'. OH REALLY? So the fact that it is regularly late meaning on more than one occasion i've been late to work is really the way forward? no. Now if i start work on the hour, let's say 5, i have to get the bus at half 3, how ridiculous is that? & then when we add an hour onto my journey on the way home, now if the job was a fair way a way, and it was an hour drive, fair enough, but my place of work, down the motorway is literally 7 minutes, and without the motorway is no more than 20 minutes at the most. It's just so frustrating! But there is no point in me getting a car, because even more would go on passing my test, insurance & running that car! Stuck!

I find it so dissapointing that young people like myself are getting stuck in these kinds of situations, not just travel, but other aspects too, when will we see the light at the end of the tunnell? as you can see, this is only the beginning of a massive rant :') but i will leave it for today!

Love Louisa


  1. Haha! I love this post so honest and true. I will defiantly not unfollow! I adore rants shows more about the writer.
    I have a bus pass too I think its about £70 a month for mine even though the buses are late half the time I love listening to the gossip :P And a positive thing about buses you can perv on shexy men, whereas in a car you have to watch the road!

  2. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

    1. Hiya, thank you :) & i'm now following back & your linked in my latest post :) x