Thursday, 19 April 2012

There's something so special about..

Paris & the eiffel tower.
I don't know what it is. I went to paris when I was around 15 with school, and it's very cute. I remember the hotel we stayed in was very chic. And I remember going to a small village that was on a hill (i wish i could remember the names) and it was a sort of square with a little market. We went at night and in the distance you could see the eiffel tower lit up in the distance, it was very beautiful. I just wanted to share some cute images i've found on and share my love for it, seeing images just makes me want to go back and live there! Does anyone else feel the same way?

Love Louisa


  1. such a lovely post! I just feel the same. Paris is one of the most wonderful cities on the world. It's such a romantic and contrasting city.
    in btw your blog is great! I'm your newest follower, dear :))


  2. Looks so beautiful! My cousin just came back from there, so jealous.
    I really want to go.