Thursday, 12 April 2012

Leopard face :)

On easter sunday there was a zoo party at our liquid/envy so me and my friends decided to go as leopards.
I thought I would show you the make-up i did for us :)

Here is a picture of our full outfits, i made mine by dismantling some cushions i had and made a one shoulder top which i tucked into my skirt and just tied some extra material around my ancles :)

Here is my friends face, i told her to pull a serious face haha!
I basically used black eyeliner on the lids and covered the lid - this created a LOT of creasing, so i covered it up with black and gold glittery BarryM dazzle dust which stopped the creasing, blended it up and made it catwing and also brought it down to nearly the end of the nose.
I used brown eyeshadow to make the spots and outlined them with eyeliner and put gold eyeshadow in the middle.
I then just drew the nose and wiskers on with eyeliner and there you have it :)

Oh, i forgot to mention i put white eyeliner on my bottom waterline and dragged it out a bit to create a wing effect a bit more. This is me with my friend but she smudged hers in the corner!

Hope you like


  1. Your contouring and eye makeup is great!

    Lea x

  2. Wow, the make ups amazing! Haha, that is a serious face I normally laugh too much when trying to do a one :D