Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Primark Haul

So i went to the pictures with my friend to watch 21 jump street, but before hand we went in primark and i got a tiny bit carried away.
I didn't spend that much, but i will show you what i bought anyway.

Cute sandals - £6
So usually i will see the sandals in primark for £6 and i think its fairly expensive and i can't really justify buying a pair of shoes for that much, yet i will go elsewhere and pay more? But anyway, today, i saw these and thought they were super cute, tried them on and picked them up, i toyed with the idea of putting them back down, but in the end, i got them, and i'm happy i did because i don't have any shoes this colour.

Sandals - £6
Now i picked these ones up first, tried them on and new i was getting these no matter what. They look extremely cute on and i absolutely love them, i just hope i can find them in white soon, or a colour like above because i need more than one pair, they are way too cute for the price!

Tea light holder - £2
Now i usually check around the home section in my primark anyway, just because it makes me want to decorate everywhere. But i spotted this for £2 and i think its an absolute bargain! I am considering painting it white because i have way too much pink in my room, but i will see, but for £2, it was just too cute!

Polka dot belt - £2
I just thought the satin bow of this was very cute, and you can never have too many waist belts i guess.

Gold bangles - £1 (i think)
I got these just because they were so cheap and can just make an outfit that bit more interesting and cute :)

AHOY t-shirt - £3
Now i got a few of their printed t-shirts last year and i really liked them, and at the time of picking this up, i was rushing to the till anyway, but i love navy and i really like the sailor sort of trend so i thought why not and put it in my basket :)

Beauty wipes - £1
They are just there to tempt you at the till, and i needed some anyway because i never have anywhere to wipe my excess foundation when i've applied it but i don't usually use these to take my make-up off unless i've been on a night out.

My best friend got me an easter egg :) I got her one too, but i LOVE malteasers bunnies so she really chose well! Can't wait to start nomming on these bad boys!

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Bit of an update: So this morning I went for the test for college and I have an interview/workshop on the 23rd of april so I am extremely excited for that, we have to make a mood board of 'High Fashion Make-up' - so if anyone has any idea's you would like to be share, i would be very interested :)

& also, i would just like a bit of advice, does anybody else feel pretty bummed if you really get on with someone and you've been talking for a long time or whatever, and then they just start ignoring you? How do you deal with it? Because I just want to shout at them (I dont do it, just want too) But i feel if i do, they will just carry on ignoring me, how do you win the situation?

& lastly, just a couple of songs i am in absolute LOVE with at the moment:
 Southside spinners - Luvstruck
♥ Labrinth - Last time (Gareth Emery remix)

*I apologise for how long this post is : )



  1. fabulous haul!! You got some great stuff!! :)

  2. I love those sandals!!!
    and if ur tlking about a boy youve been tlking to, i know how it feels. It always happens to me and i know its hard sometimes but i would just not even bother talking to them again (for a while anyway.) If they start talking to you again after a while act as if you aint interested theyll realise they missed out:) Thats what i do and you get over them pretty easy! or you go back to how you were :) xxx

    1. Yep it was a boy, and it was the guy from the previous post, the online one, for 9 or 10 weeks its been perfect, talked every single day, then yesterday nothing and today nothing :/ He's moving to kuwait anyway, and if he wants to ignore me its his loss i guess :) xx

  3. Love the Ahoy top! I got a Malteasers egg too, they are my guilty pleasure.
    Was the film good? I love Channing Tatum. I have Last Time as my ringtone :)

  4. Omg those pink sandals are absolutely gorgeous <3 Love your blog! I'm actually so jealous you got a malteaser bunny egg, I couldn't find one :(

    1. Thank youu :) I am following backk as i absolutely LOVE your motto 'a curvy girl in a skinny world' as i too am in that kind of category :) high five! haha :) x