Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Favourite perfume of the moment.


I first smelt this perfume a couple of years ago when me and my friend were out shopping and she wanted a new perfume, she couldn't choose between the sunset one, or the orange one, but I told her this one was nicer.

I then got my own bottle for christmas and I took it to magaluf with me both time, and now that scent reminds me of magaluf and being on holiday so i love it for that reason and it is also just a gorgeous scent. I would personally say it is a sweet floral sort of scent, but im rubbish at describing.

All I will say is i DEFINATELY reccomend it to anyone, its gorgeous! I got the gift set for christmas this year which also contained the body lotion, which is nice as an extra, but it isn't all that moisturising and the smell doesn't linger on your skin for that long, i've only used it once though so i can't really say. The packaging is also really pretty with the front and back having raised diamond shapes in a see through orange colour, and silver panels down the side with one side embossed with the name. Very pretty on any shelf.

All in all i love this and I think you should definately go and smell it :)

I would also like to thank my newest followers :)
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Love Louisa x


  1. Aw thank you so much, that is absolutely lovely!! Xx.

  2. k im definitely going to have to go find that perfume! love the blog!

  3. I love your blog so much, its adorable!! I'm now following...check out mine if you like!

    xxx Carrie