Monday, 19 March 2012

Johnsons 24 hour day cream.

Here is my first of many reviews, it is the Johnsons 24 hour day cream.
Now up until about a year and a half ago, i didn't used to moisturise, i didn't really see the point to be honest and i couldn't be bothered. Until, i came accross youtube (wow it's taught me so much!)
And i discovered moisturising. I used to use one from Avon, but they changed the smell of it and it seemed to irritate my face a bit, so i was on the lookout for something new.

So while looking around the shelves of superdrug, i came accross this, and with the RRP of £4.07, i thought it was pretty reasonable, and i had a cheeky smell in the shop, and i really liked it. So i bought it.

The smell of this product is really nice, It just has that fresh clean smell, not fruity or anything. But you would have to smell it for yourslef because everyone is different, but anyway, the smell was fine.

I use this when i get out of the shower, and sometimes before putting my make-up on instead of primer, and it really is super moisturising! It dries in fairly quickly so your face doesn't feel greasy, and i must admit, it has made my skin a lot softer!

I cannot not moisturise when i get out of the shower now or my face goes really dry, but my face feels so much better once it has had a coat of this! Not to mention i really like the simple but cute packaging. Baby pink is my favourite colour, so i think its nice :)
I would really reccomend you try this, i've been through 2 tubs of it, and it lasted around 6 months, so thats good for the price you pay!

Hope you find this helpful!
Love Louisa x

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