Wednesday, 21 March 2012

ITS NOT FAIR! (this is a rant, so if you don't like rants, don't read :)

So basically, to give you a backrun of me, I did my Alevels back in 2010, and I left 6th form and went on to do film & television at uni, I always knew I wanted to be in the media, I just hadn't worked out what area. Anyway, I really didn't enjoy the course OR the uni, so after 4 months, I dropped out. For those 4 months, I now owe a lot to student finance (but don't have to pay it back yet). Anyway, I still was unsure of what to do at this point, so I was jobseeking, yep, I did what I said I would never do. I was on it for a while before I even got an interview.

Now don't get me wrong, I know what a lot of people think of those on the 'dole' and I thought the same until I found myself in the situation, but I really was trying and applying for loads, just none got back to me, until I got work experience because I didn't want to be a bum and I wanted to become more 'employable'. Within a week of starting the work experience (was at House of Fraser), I got an interview to work part time for Clinton Cards, which I have done ever since.

Now, enough of the extremely boring stuff. So basically, through youtube and blogging, and always having an artistic and creative flair in me, I realised that make-up is the career I wanted. And I knew that a college near me did 'hair & media make-up' and today was the open event.

The moment I walked into the room with my mum, my little face lit up. Both she and I knew that that, is where I needed to be and what I needed to be doing. So everything was going great, up until the moment I asked about fees. Now for anyone on jobseekers or under 18, the course is free (apart from extras like the kit) BUT for me, the course is around £1000.

Now, considering I already have so much debht, I can't afford that. And with my job only being 16 hours a week, I cant afford it that way either. So then I thought to going back on the dole to get it for free, the only problem being, I can't do that, because you can't go on it if you quit your job. IM STUCK! I think it's herendous that there are people out there that don't want to do anything, and will probably get courses for free just so they don't have to work, when I want to be on that course SO bad, and it's going to cost me literally the rest of my life.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or have any advice they could give me? It would be a great help. Sorry for the HUGE rant, but I needed to get it out.

Love Louisa x

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