Monday, 20 February 2012


So this isn't anything to do with beauty, but I know there are alot of people interested in beauty, that seem to have this strange and crazy obsession with Harry Potter same as I do.
I found out about this today, and it literally made me the happiest girl on the planet and I need to go to it the day it opens!
So if you didn't know, and you love Harry Potter films as much as I do, then i'm sure you will be filled with joy too! Basically, in London, 20 miles away from the Leavesden studios where Harry Potter films began, they are opening the Studio tour, where you can look at the sets including the Great Hall that they used to film & they have all of the original props like Harrys Nimbus 2000.
I personally can't wait, and if you didn't know, i'm glad to be telling you, here is a short video and I will leave the link below to where you can get the tickets!

And the link to get the tickets is

Love Louisa x

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  1. I'm going to this :) Can't waitttt!!
    New Follower :) come check out my blog :3