Sunday, 29 July 2012

Confessions of an online dater.

Hello Lovely's!

I've not done an online dating post in a while, and as i'm still single, i thought i would make another post, they seem to be fairly popular and a fair amount of you seem to enjoy reading them, so why not include you on my journey.

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I'm going to go through a few 'types' or scenarios.
First, you have the guys who you look at them, you see their pictures and you find them attractive, you read their profile, it's all going well... until it says 'wanting a slim beautiful girl' or 'wanting a fit girl' or 'wanting someone older' - then you are left feeling a bit bummed.

Then you have those that are what you are looking for, they have a good profile, seems you have a lot in common, you send them a message, and you get no reply. Once again, leaving you feeling a bit bummed.

The worst, is when it's the above, they email you first, all is going well, you've had a fairly long conversation (bearing in mind on your profile it says 'looking for a relationship' 'long term', and usually theirs says that too). So the conversations going well, 'so what are you actually looking for'.. 'well i've just split up with my ex, so a bit of fun' ........ STOP WASTING MY TIME!! Then you get those that have just split up with their ex and want to discuss their problems with you.. HELLO... I'm not an agony aunt!!!

Then there's the guys who mail you, you don't reply because you aren't attracted, they then go on to send you the exact same message over and over again.

Then there's the one's who don't know how to read. Now on my profile, it's pretty detailed, so that they know what they are dealing with. You know, my age, what my interests are and what not, but i still get mails saying 'so where you from bbz? what do you like doing then? how old r u?' if you aren't going to take the time to read my profile, i'm not going to take the time to reply to your message :)

Then there's the full on arrogant ones. Some guy mailed me the other day just saying 'x' so i viewed his profile and thought i would give him a chance, i complemented his body, to which his reply was just 'correct' - wow.

As i've been writing this, i'm just wondering to myself, why the hell am i still on there? I will find someone someday, just got to keep browseing i suppose. :)
I hope this was slightly entertaining for you, and for those of you who have been wondering wether to go on a website or not, brace yourself for encountering some of the above :)

It's all fun & games though.
Love Louisa

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  1. My friend has just told me all about the online dating world and she said the exact same thing about the guys on there! Ive dabbled in it in the past myself and i found a lot of the guys to be very self-obsessed - but there are some gems amongst all of the strange folk - stick at it :) I know a couple who met online and theyre now happily married.. you never know :) xx