Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Weekly wants #1.

Just so that i can dream & torment myself, i'm going to do a weekly wants of things i've seen and loved.

Disney Couture.
I literally want everything. If you love disney, you will too. Just look on asos, you will fall in love.

I love this ring so much. So so cute. you can get it [here] - Not sure i would want to pay £39 for it though, so this is definately going to have to wait until i win the lottery!
This is the most adorable thing EVER! I have never seen anything like it, so unique and so cute! you can get it [here] - Though once again, with a hefty price tag of £45, i don't think it's something i will ever own, still cute though.
American Apparel Diso Pants.
I love these & although there is a chance they wouldn't suit me, i would still love a pair. I think they look sexy, yet still cute. Very out there & daring though, and once again the price tag gets in the way with them being £70, ouch! You can get them [here]

Pandora Bracelet.
Another thing i am loving, which is completely against what i used to think, is pandora. Before, i used to think, why the hell would anyone spend so much on a bracelet? But then i came accross this post [here]. She had been feeling down & her boyfriend surprised her with a charm, so cute! I then thought, thats such a lovely idea, its not just a bracelet, the bracelet gets built up over time, filled with memories i guess. A bit like a scrapbook on your arm, just a very beautiful one in bracelet form.

I now wish to start a pandora bracelet & i am thinking of asking for one for my 21st birthday so that i can start my arm scrapbook :) - that's what i would call it. I also love it when i see people carrying the bags, they look so sophisticated & at christmas, it was so cute seeing guys carrying them knowing they were treating their loved ones, n'awww, soppy moment :P - this is the one i want :) can't save the picture so if you're interested, have a peek! Let me know if any of you have pandora bracelets & what kind of charms you have on them?

& lastly, somethng from Links of London.
The skull friendship bracelet. This piece is absolutely stunning. I am in love. I remember seeing it ages ago on a youtube channel called ameliarmakeup & instantly fell in love, until i saw the price and wanted to cry. At £135 it's yours, i can see why it's so much, its beautiful & once again, if i win the lottery...

Love Louisa


  1. Aww the little dwarfs are so cute! They starting selling Disney Couture in a boutique by my house -- I am doooooooomed! Love the friendship bracelet too, nice finds.

  2. Thank you for mentioning me!
    I'm obsessed with the Disney jewellery! It's adorable and I want it.

  3. I think I just fell in love with ASOS! I want the Tinkerbell necklace and the dwarfs necklace. They're so adorable. The friendship bracelet is lovely :)
    I have a cheap version of a Pandora from a local market so far have a teapot, music note, elephant and the fleur de lis which I love the most.

  4. I love that ring, it's insane! Have started following you, hope you will do the same for me xx

  5. I love you blog, just started following :)
    I really want some disney couture jewellery! Looks lovely
    Courtney xx