Wednesday, 9 May 2012

my first NOTD.

Pretty in pink princess nails.
Ok, so firstly, i am going to apologise for the quality of the picture, it does them no justice whatsoever. But i will say that i took it on instagram on my dads phone. I'm hoping to get an iphone soon, but we will see. I also apologise if i go overboard on posts at any given moment. Anyway, enough rambling.

I wanted something that was 'princess' like. I was originally just going to paint them pink & do my ring finger on each hand with diamantes at the bottom of the nail in a line, this looked odd so i then put them at the top. I'm not sure why i then wanted to put glitter on the other fingers, but i did. I did silver glitter tips, but when i went to put the top coat on, it put glitter all over the nail.

It still looks pretty because although you can't tell in the picture, the glitter is holographic so they just look nice and sparkly, and for a first attempt, i dont think it went too bad.

I used:
Topshop nail polish in milkshake.
Andrea Fullerton Top Coat.
Andrea Fullerton silver glitter (it came in a pack of 2 with a gold one).

I'm going to try & get more creative with my nails. I usually chew around my thumb, so they look horrible a lot of the time, but when i've painted them i don't seem to do it as much, so thats a plus.

Love Louisa


  1. They really are princess like! So pretty! xox

  2. So pretty!!

    xo, Jersey Girl

  3. Very cute! I did my nails just 2 hours ago and it's kinda alike!
    check it out if you want

  4. Aww, these are pretty! Defiantly like a princess :D