Friday, 4 May 2012

Lusting over..

Ok i've been a bad blogger, i haven't posted for around 2 days & i do apologise, i will get more up soon. I've had a busy few days, work, going to see american pie reunion, meeting gaz from geordie shore, such a hectic life right? ;) But i promise some good posts are coming up, well atleast one good one, but i'm excited to get back into it :) I have a little haul that i am really excited about sharing with you, so eyes peeled! Also, i am wanting to start getting healthier & start getting a beach bod (HA). So i am thinking about keeping a sort of 'weight diary' on here, let me know if any of you guys have any tips for begginers.

So anyway, things i am lusting over at the moment, and considering i should have a fair amount of tax to come back, who knows, i may get the things on the list! I would also like to point out that the photos below are not my own).

(the image above is not my own, i got it from google)

A holiday to magaluf.
If any of you have been before, you will reconise the strip in the photo. I have been twice already & i absolutely love it, it's just buzzing - literally. None stop partying & drinking and i need to go back for sure!

MAC Carbon eyeshadow
Now i have been wanting this for a while, and i have looked at so many reviews on it. I'm wanting to start my own x15 pallette & was thinking of getting this. I obviously need to try it out in the shop first, but  i think i want it for my pallette.

Urban Decay Naked2 Pallette
I don't really wear coloured eyeshadows at the moment because i don't really go anywhere apart from work, and on nights out i just like a neutral but dramatic smokey eye, and this to me looks like it would be absolutely perfect, it's just deciding wether to get this, or start my own MAC pallette.

Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart
So you will all be aware of these unless you have been living under a rock. I am sucked in by the hype, i really am. I think it's the packaging, they are just so cute! and this colour looks really pretty!

O.P.I Minnie Mouse Collection
I literally am in LOVE with this collection. I don't own any o.p.i as of yet, but i sure as hell need this collection, and i'm pretty sure these will be the first i own. How cute is the one with hearts in it, cuuuuute! I just love the colour pink!

Hair extensions.
I know i already have quite long hair, but i feel that when it's in a ponytail, it just looks... blergh. And also when it's down, because i haven't had it cut for ages, it looks.. blergh. So i'm in a blergh situation because when i finally get it cut, it's going to be fairly short because of needing the dead bits off, and it will make me unhappy, so extensions would make it better. It's just a lot of money to spend in one go i guess.

Any of you lusting over any of these too? Let me know in the comments below, and also let me know if you think the weight diary is a good idea too :) I love my little blog! To think i ever coped without it! & i will still do new followers, look out in the posts to come :)

Love Louisa


  1. I love ALL the products you showed :) But unfortunately my bank balance won't agree with that! I especially love the OPI nails as I love Minnie Mouse from my childhood haha!
    On my blog I keep a weight loss diary (it has gone a bit off schedule atm but getting back into it now) and I found it simple just do the exercise done, roughly the food I have eaten and then how the week has gone and the weight loss :) hope that helps xxx

  2. I'm loving that Minnie mouse collection, especially the far right colour! How fun is that?!
    You have some great items on your wish list here, I can't wait to go on holiday soon! It's been too long and I'm as pale as a bottle of milk :/

    Lea x

  3. Ahh ive never been to Magaluf but i went to Ayia Napa 2 years ago and i loved it so much - just havent been able to get the same time off as my friends to go again but it was immenseee times.. love holidays with friends :) hopefully this year..

    and i have my eye on the Naked 2 Palette! The Revlon Lip butters are so good i only have the red one but i want a more pinky toned one for everyday :) xx

  4. A holiday to Magaluf would be amazing, I've only been there with the family but I'd love to go with a group but we're all skint atm :(
    The collection is so cute I'm lusting over Nicki Minaj's trying to get the mini set.
    The diary is a great idea I'm trying to lose weight for Leeds fest, so I've just took out all of the fizzy pop changed it to water and took out all carbs which is hell for me.