Saturday, 5 May 2012

Haul. It's a bit long!

So here is the post that i have been promising you guys. One thing i will say is i apologise that my photos aren't edited the same as they usually are, so they won't look as professional, just waiting to get photoshop as my trial ran out, boo! So anyway, here is a little collective haul over the past week, i can't believe all this is a week & it makes me want to cry because i know i only have £40 to last me for 3 weeks, but it seemed worth it at the time!

Here are the 3 brushes i got from I was originally going to place an order with MAC for the pencil brush, 2 eyeshadows & the x15 pallette, but i held out and didn't dare press confirm payment. So i ended up buying these & all 3 came to just under £15 with postage.
First up...

^ Blending Brush.
I was also wanting to get the MAC 217, but i thought this would be a cheaper alternative for now because i hadn't shopped at mac before. I've been using this brush to put a darker colour in the outer corner & crease of the eye & it works really well & i'm really liking it so far. For the price, you really can't go wrong! It feels like a high quality brush & for anyone starting out in make-up this would be perfect for you.

^ Tapered Blending Brush.
I wasn't satisfied with just buying the 2 brushes, and i liked the sound of this, so i thought hey, why not give it a go! Once again, i love the quality and i've been using this just to blend out my eyeshadows and blend them all together to make it all look neater & flawless. Highly recommend this brush too!

^ Pencil Brush.
This is the brush i wanted to try the most, because obviously i had wanted to purchase the MAC one, and twice already nearly have purchased the MAC one. I've been using this brush to apply black to the very corner of my eye to darken up a smokey eye, and also to smudge black eyeshadow under my lower lash line to create dramatic eyeliner. I am glad i bought it because of the purpose, but i will say that it's a bit scratchy. It might just be my one and theres just one hair in it thats scratchy (that's what it feels like) but i'm not sure, still worth the money though!


^ MAC Paint pot in Painterly.
Yep, i did it. I went to MAC, on my own & i made sure i got served! The lady looked at me & went to turn away but i shouted excuse me :) all on my own, achievement in my eyes! I didn't previously have any eyeshadow bases, and i liked the look of this, so i took the plunge. £14.50 didn't seem that much at the time because i had just been paid, but i now realise it is. This has seemed to keep my eyeshadow in place without creasing so far, so, so far, so good! & to be honest, it looks like the pot will last me a long time, so it's more than worth the money in my eyes!

^ Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart.
It was on my wish list, and i caved in and just went for it! I didn't really have the money for it at all, but i went for it anyway! I love the packaging, and i don't have anything like it in my collection already, not in lipstick form anyway - so this justifies buying it! It makes me feel so posh, haha!

^ Topshop Nail Varnish in Milkshake.
Another one off of one of my wishlists. I had a quick venture into topshop & i'd never been to the make-up stand before, so i was overwhelmed when i saw all the beautiful colours infront of me when i reached it. Darren thought it was a bit silly, but he took to straightening them all out whilst i was choosing, bless him! I loveeee this colour, its so cute! & the packaging too, i just love it!

^ Topshop blush in Flush.
I'm pretty sure it's flush anyway. I don't own a cream blush, and i wanted one, so i gave in, and just went for it once again, i really am a rebel aren't i? & at only £6 i think that's really reasonable, considering the packaging is really cute too, excited to try this out :)

^ NYC nail polish.
I'm not sure of the colour but if i find out, i will write it here. I don't have this kind of mint pastel green, so i felt i needed it in my collection. It's always need rather than want with me ;) I think it's nice although i'm interested to see how many coats it needs to become opaque.

^ Nail Foils from Primark.
& lastly, i saw these at the till point in primark and just couldn't stop myself. I like the vintagey feel to them so i'm excited to try them out & see if they are any good, for only £1 it would be rude not to right?

I also bought a bag from jane norman, but my camera ran out of battery but i will get a picture up soon, but the bag came to £28, so at the moment i just want to sit & cry at the amount i've spent. I guess i will try not to go out for the next 3 weeks, boo!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post & i will be starting a 'sunday updates' post series as of tommorow. Do you like what i bought or do you have any of the things? :)

Love Louisa


  1. Great Haul and I feel for you when you get paid you dont feel like your spending much then you look at your balance and your heart sinks! lol good luck!

  2. Great haul, I agree, everything seems so much more affordable when you have money! :)

  3. Woww i got to the nail wraps at the end and thought they were the really expensive ones! Then saw 'primark' written in the corner.. i need to try some of those!

    Never tried the mac paint pots :) Its always need rather than want with me too! haha spent waaay too much this week! xx

  4. I really want to try these nail wraps everyone seems to be buying them :D
    Love both of the polishes, I really want to buy something from Mac just to say I have a product but my balance is rather low at the mo

  5. Lovely purchases! Sweet Tart is one of my favourite Revlon Lip Butter shades, it's a very pretty bright pink. The Topshop cream blush looks gorgeous and Painterley seems like such a versatile product :)