Sunday, 29 April 2012

You lovely's! (lot's of linkage!)

I am a happy little bunny right now! I'm loving blogging at the moment, and i've just reached 51 followers and been nominated by 4 of you lovely's for the versatile blogger award! Now i know we all say this, but i really didn't expect this many people to be interested in what i've got to say, and not only do you all read, but you comment aswell, and it's so nice! First i will get on with the award, and then i will give my shout outs to my new followers, kapeesh? :)

So the 4 who nominated me were: Natalie, Clare, Jaanika & Rae-Rae. It's so nice that you girls think my blog is award worthy :)

So you give out 7 facts about yourself, and them nominate 10 or 15 blogs. (i wish this award was pink :/ haha!)

So 7 facts about me:
I have been single for over 5 years.
I find it extremely hard to part with my money if paying for something over 20 pounds.
The only drink i really ever drink is diet coke - i'm so unhealthy.
At around 3oclock in the morning, i always feel the need to write in my diary.
I constantly dream about having a better life, especially when i'm walking my dogs.
I have suffered from depression in the past. I'm not ashamed to admit it.
I have an obsession for all things faux fur and fluffy!

Now the blogs i would like to give the award:
#1 - - without a doubht number 1. She hasn't been going long, but she only has 2 followers & i think she deserves a hell of a lot more than that!
#2 - - another one of my new followers :)
#3 - - another one of my new followers, i love the bargains she finds in charity shops! Very interesting!
#4 - - cute blog :)
#5  - - cute and lots of pictures :)
#6 - - another blog who only has a few followers and deserves way more! check her out for sure!
#7 - - i love her blog and she's beautiful!
#8 - cute :)
#9 - - i'm not sure how many followers she has, but she needs more, it looks like she puts a lot of effort into it.
#10 - because once again she doesn't have many followers, and i really want to get those that arent known, out there :)

I was also awarded the liebster award a while back by the amazing sarajayne, if you don't follow her, do it. She's been one of my regular followers from the beginning and she's one of my faves :)

The rules are to link whoever nominated you, put the award in your post, award 5 other blogs, and then let them know you awarded them - simples.
So i am going to nominate my top 5 from the above - if you aren't one of the 5, you aren't less deserving, it's just i could only choose 5 x


Thank you so much sara and for being there from the beginning and still being a loyal follower :)

Now onto my new lovely followers: - was my 50th follower! :)

Thank you so much ladys, and thanks so much for all your comments, you brighten my day, especially you who comment alot, especially you Meesh.

Love Louisa


  1. congrats! I so enjoy reading your posts and if there is anyone who deserves the awards, it's you, girl! <3 xoxo Jessica

    1. Aww thank you that's really nice :) glad you enjoy them! x

  2. Aww thankyou your so lovelyy :) and you are welcomee! You deserve these awardss. xxx

  3. Thank you, that's so nice of you :)
    I love your blog too!

  4. thankyou!i linked you to the post i did on this xx

  5. Thank you so much for nominating me, I feel very flattered and cant tell you enough how lovely you are for doing so:D xx

  6. aww thank you so much for nominating me! i really love your blog it looks so professional! anyone would think you had been doing this for years! keep up the good work hehe! :D x

  7. Congratulations! You're welcome :D