Sunday, 29 April 2012

I got paid and it burnt a hole in my pocket. (very long post!)

So i got paid on friday, although i didn't get paid as much as i thought, i got taxed, AGAIN! Even though i don't even earn enough to get taxed, but there you go! So darren met me after work, and if you are new to my blog, he is someone i have met online and we have started dating, cute right ;) haha! I will get onto the products in the picture further below, but first you need to know this story.

So daz decided he would put up with shopping with me, very brave! First off, we went to subway and we realised that i am a messy eater, you can't take me anywhere. More of my sandwhich was on the paper than in my mouth or hand. First we went to topshop, because i see lots of you lovelys getting good bargains from there in terms of jewelry. As soon as i walked in, it was herendously busy. (meadowhall at 3 on a saturday, not fun!) so we made it to the stand and i was very dissapointed and walked straight back out, i couldnt even think about looking at the make-up stand because i was so mad! Topshop is next to debenhams, so i thought i would go and look at the MAC stand.

Now i've only ever been to this stand twice before, and both times i've been looked down upon. And the second time my card needed authorising so i couldn't pay for what i wanted to buy, leading to the very made-up make-up guy looking very pleased with himself asif to say 'haha you don't have enough money to shop here'. But i thought i would give it another go, the moment i walked in, a girl who worked there spotted me and stood infront of the stand, and then continued to not look in my direction and just stood infront of the stand so i felt awkward. I also went near the lipsticks, and once again none of the assistants would ask me if i needed anything, so i walked back out again feeling pretty bummed. I don't know if anybody else has this sort of problem, but they really make me feel uncomfortable, not the kind of customer service i'm used too.

So we went in LUSH, and although this is in the 'posher' end of meadowhall, the customer service is great in there. So friendly. So i picked out some bits, 2 repurchases.

Here is the product i came in to get, whatever else i got, i was getting this no matter what because my one had run out. This was the first ever product i got from LUSH, and it is AMAZING! It's one of their bubble bars and it smells incredible! & that's probably the reason it's their best seller! It smells like blackcurrant and it lasts for ages! If you haven't tried this, go to a lush store, now! haha!

I asked the assistant what smells like snow fairy, and he said that this wasn't far off. I had smelt this before i asked him, and really liked the smell so i was already considering buying it, so it confirmed it when he pointed it out. I love the way it looks, its very cute, and it smells lovely too. Not tried this out so i may do a review at some point.

Another repurchase here. Space girl. This to me smells a bit like parma violets, and i LOVE it. Ever since i first found out about lush, this was the one thing i always wanted, i just never bought it, and i bought one last year and only used it up last week. At £1.95, its a good price and it smells great. It fizzez and then starts to pop, i think its got some form of popping candy in it, but i love it anyway. I also really reccomend this :)

I decided to go to the bank, and whilst in conversation, i got my bank card out, but i didn't get my money, so someone that day, was 10 pounds richer. So after this, i had mega face on and was so annoyed with myself. But i went in boots and bought these 3 2true nail polishes, i got them because i usually like just plain colours, but i was attracted to the shimmer in these. I have tried them though, and they will need a fair few coats to be opaque, but i still like them, and with a deal on of 3 for £4.99, i thought it was decent.

I also stocked up on some VO5 shampoo and conditioner because it was only 99p each, and it does the job so i thought why not, and got me some more dry shampoo because i had run out.

If you read my last post, you will know that i wanted the book fifty shades, and it was half price from £7.99 to £3.99, so i went ahead and bought it, and if i enjoy this one, i will buy the other 2. The last thing i bought was the vanilla cupcake candle. I had bought the sampler but didn't want to burn it because i liked the smell so much! This candle was supposed to be £15.99, but i get discount at clintons so i got it for around £9.95, bargain!

Me & darren then went to see Mirror Mirror, i wasn't sure how much i was going to enjoy it, but i was pleasantly surprised, it's very good, although they have changed the names of the dwarfs which seems wrong to me, but there you go. It also has some innapropriate references in it, which had us all laughing, which then lead to all the kids laughing, but im pretty sure the children in there won't have understood them.

So all in all a good day, apart from giving someone £10, let's just hope they needed it more than me, and it wasn't some rich person who already has thousands. I also need your help, I am undecided of wether to buy a MAC pallette pro 15, and the MAC 217 brush and build up my own pallette, or to get the Urban Decay Naked Pallette 2, obviously i am going to be doing a make-up course, so whatever i decide it will become part of my kit, but if someone could tell me what they think would be better for me for now, it would be a MASSIVE help, thanks!

Love Louisa


  1. I love long posts like this, sorry that you had a bit of a bum start to the day with the £10 and mental topshop hah!
    I love all your buys and I feel I really need to get into my lush products!
    Also I nominated you for an award on my blog so go there for the details :)

    1. Haha i know, was my own fault for not paying attention though.
      & thank you i will take a look & do it sometime later today or in the week :) xx

  2. I hate sales assistants like that! It happens in ours too. Batiste is amazing I only started using it recently and I love it. I'm obsessed with Snow Fairy so I'll defiantly try out Creamy Candy Bath the flower is too cute.

    1. I just don't understand. Where i work i get told to give the best customer service, smile at everyone, ask everyone if they are alright. They must get asked to only smile at people that look like they have money :/ or people that look older, because obviously i'm only little so i think they think i don't know my stuff. It's happened all 3 times ive been in. Makes me so mad! & yeah do it :) xx

  3. Just to let you know I nominated you for the 'Versatile Blogger Award' check out my post, love your blog


  4. I know what you mean about MAC - i hate going in there!
    Let us know about the fifty shades book! Heard so much about it on tv its meant to be really good. Must try the 2true nail polishes - love the shades you bought xx

  5. I agree with you about MAC, sometimes I think they need reminding that they're just shop assistants not celebrities. Yeah they have to be good with makeup to work at MAC, but they're no Lisa Eldridge. They need to get it sorted!

    Lea x