Sunday, 1 April 2012

OOTN.. sort of.

This was my outfit on friday night :)
I got paid on friday and I got a lot more than i was expecting, so i thought, hey, why not treat myself, so here is the new dress that i bought from new look (£22.99) it did come with a belt but i got this one from primark for £1. A neclace that has pearls and gold birds on it that was from new look quite a while back. And my new shoes which are just plain black wedges that were from quiz and i THINK they were £24.99, deffinately under 30 pounds though. And the flower in my hair was from primark a while back.
I absolutely hate getting my arms and shoulders out but i loved the dress and although it does nothing for my arms, i think it suits my figure quite well because i am a curvy girl :)
Also when i was on my shopping spree, i took a trip to MAC, now, i have never bought anything from mac apart from duo eyelash glue. So i thought, i know, i will treat myself to my first ever MAC product, and i was going to get the pencil brush. I went to pay for it, and because i had spent so much on my card that day already, it needed autohorisation, and i couldnt remember my password, which then led to the guy looking very pleased with himself looking down his nose at me, but anyway, i wasnt able to get it. Now that in my eyes, is a sign. I was not supposed to be forking out that much for one tiny brush :)
If i get round to it i will do a small haul with the things i bought :) I did buy one brush but i will keep it a secret for now. (it wasn't mac).
Here is a photo of my makeup i wore a bit close up :)
foundation: collection 2000 lasting perfection ultimate wear foundation in the colour ivory 2.
concealer: collection 2000 lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer in the colour fair 1.
blush: the 3rd along in the e.l.f make-up clutch.
eyebrows: avon's professional brow styler in the colour slate.
eyeshadows: bourjois paris intense extrait 10, the black one. And the matte brown from the sleek storm pallette along with the shimmery navy colour.
Im not sure what my lipstick is because it doesn't say on it, but its from avon and its in the colour pink kiss.
Love Louisa x


  1. great post and awesome blog!! Following!! :)

  2. Love your makeup!


  3. You look lovely, i actually am in love with that dress, i love blue & white stripes. :) xxx