Thursday, 29 March 2012

Update/Rant/News :)

Just a quick update to tell the 14 of you that follow me, and whoever else may be onlooking, that I will be back tommorow (or some time over the weekend) with a haul :D
This will be my first of (hopefully) many! As i have just checked my bank and I have been paid a lot more than i originally thought i was going to!

Not for long though as i have been told that i have to cut my hours down at work. Which may possibly work in my favour if i get into college, but for now it is not a good thing!
I think it is herendous the way things are nowadays! You have to have experience to get a job, but you cant really get a job to get the experience. The only way of getting the experience is by getting a chance of a part time job, but then you aren't earning enough money so you then need a part time job, but then you can't get another part time job to get more money because you have to be flexible, where as a lot of part time jobs now, you aren't given set rotas, so you aren't flexible. Horrible vicious circle that we are having to deal with and it's really not fun, so anybody else going through the same problem as me, i have a lot of sypathy for you.

Also, i am going to be getting a new tattoo, so that will probably be being documented on here too :) Im going to get a unicorn/pegasus and have the words 'never give up on your dreams' i have wanted this for many years, and it's something i have always wanted. I understand that tattoos aren't for everyone, but they are for me and i am excited to get it :)

I went to see 'Lord of the dance' last night at Sheffield City Hall, and it was AMAZING! and some of the guys were pretty cute too, but if you are into that kind of thing, i would deffinately reccomend going to see it, it was really nice :)

Love Louisa x

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