Monday, 16 April 2012


So as promised, another post :)
& finally it's beauty based haha! I apologise for any that aren't, but i'm sort of treating this as an online journal for myself to document things so i can look back. Im considering making a second blog so one is personal, and one is beauty based, what are your thoughts?

My review today is of Maybelline new york 'the colossal volum' express waterproof' mascara.

Now i like the packaging, its very bold and i like the shiny writing, so that's a plus i guess.
What the mascara does in terms of length and volume and what not, im sorry to say i didn't really notice because at that point i wasn't bothered about that, but it did the job.

So why am i reviewing it? I went to see titanic in 3D IMAX. So i KNEW i was going to cry, and i was going on a 'date' - i knew we were just going to be friends so that's why we went to see that.

So i knew i had this mascara so i was hoping it was going to do well and stop me getting streaky black lines down my face. Towards the end of the film, if you've seen it, you will know what i mean, where the music starts playing where it first starts sinking, that was the first moment i started blubbering.
This happened 3 or 4 times in the last hour i think. So that was a fair bit of crying.

So when we came out and i got home, i checked my face, and there were no black marks :)
My eyes were very red, and it has smudged a tiny bit, but if i would have been wearing any ordinary mascara, it would have been everywhere.

So in terms of this being a waterproof mascara, it does its job well, so if you are going to see titanic anytime soon, i recommend this! haha :)

I hope this helps you & you found it useful.
Love Louisa

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  1. Great review and thanks for sharing sweets!

    Following your blog now dear!