Sunday, 22 April 2012

Confessions of an online dater.. (& my new followers)

Hey beauts,
So, one lady asked me to keep posted on how the online dating was going, and i thought it might be fun to carry it on a bit and then when i look back, i can have a giggle and what not. Now obviously the last post was about a certain cretin, which to be honest, a goldfish had more balls than he did. Anyway, that boy is still online in the online world of plentyoffish.

Now although you do get the fair few interesting messages, you do get the plain boring one's that simply just say 'hi' or 'hi hwz u' - really? i mean, ok you don't want to give your life story away in one message, and you don't want to come accross all in your face, but if someone can't be bothered to take the time to write a message longer than 3 words, how are they going to be your mr right?

Now one thing that I will tell you about this website, is you do come accross people you know. I've come accross people from my school, and even one boy that lives at the top of my road! But the one thing you have to remember is, they will probably be just as embarassed as you are. Now one of my most awkward moments from the site to date, is the other night, I got an email from a guy saying that I had a pretty face, and i didn't by any chance have facebook? This guys sister was one of my best friends when I was in year 10, and I went to her house and things, so I knew exactly who he was and I felt extremely awkward because I knew he would probably feel just as awkward when he found out who I was. I would feel even more awkward if he then went on to tell his sister because I haven't actually spoken to her for years, you just get the updates of how happy and how well her and other various friends who used to be your best friends are doing. So if he then tells her he found me, a lonely single girl looking for guys on the internet, awkward. But it didn't seem to phase him anyway, and he also has a paid account, so I imagine it's more awkward for him than me.

& if you persist, you come accross some lovely guys. Now obviously I am wary because of the last one, but today, I went on my first ever date with a guy from plenty of fish. I wrote the last 3 paragraphs last week & saved it as a draft, and in the mean time, recieved a message from a guy called daz. I mailed back & we got talking & texting, and he asked to take me out. This guy seemed lovely on text, and so far i have woken up to a text from him every morning, so i was hoping he wasn't too good to be true. We went to nandos (my first time)  & then went to watch 21 jump street (my second time seeing it). This guy is so lovely and such a gentleman and it didn't feel awkward at all. Obviously i will still be wary, but it just goes to show that online dating can lead to you meeting lovely people.

My new lovely's.
I find it extremely flattering and lovely when someone with a lot of followers & views follows me back, i'm not sure why, i guess it's sort of like having a celebrity follow you in a wierd way. Haha that sounds so cheesy!

Love Louisa


  1. Love reading your blog :) It's great that you met a nice guy! you never know who you'll meet :) xox

  2. Thank you, i love yours too :) & yeah indeed, have to go through a few rough ones sometimes to find a good one haven't you :) xx

  3. I love your blog! Its fast become one of my firm favourites.. i love reading these kind of posts - definately keep us updated on the online dating.. My friend recently joined a couple of dating sites and shes met some lovely guys through just have to filter out all of the sleazy/weird ones :p
    thankyou for mentioning my blog :) thats such a lovely idea - might start doing it :) xx

    1. Aw thank you :) & yep, there are the majority of weird ones haha! If i get anymore, i might put up the ridiculous messages i get haha! & no worries :) if it helps good blogs to be found, why not :) yours needs finding by people, i enjoy it :) xx

  4. Whoop, whoop! I've went back on to Pof and spotted my cousin!! :| We've laughed for ages over it. Also, one guy asked my friend if she'd meet him in a field :|