Sunday, 18 March 2012

How YouTube & blogs have changed me...

So I haven't come on here for over a week, I kept checking it, but nobody was even viewing my page, but I came on the other day, and I now have 4 followers! Now this is nothing major to many of you, but to me, that was a MASSIVE thing, considering the fact that one of those 4 is me! (I went to try and write a message to one of the girls following me, but it said something about making an account to mail, so i did, and it made me a follower :S no idea!) so if anyone knows the easy way to write to a follower personally, let me know please :)

So seeing as i now have 3 people that follow me, I should make a bit more effort! & I have this week off of work so I should have the time on my hands!

Here are the links to the girls that are following me, just thought they deserved a mention :)
the first is...
and second is...
unfortuneatley the last one doesn't have a blog so i can't link her to say thankyou, but her name is beauty make up addict i think :)
Moving on... It is strange that 2 years ago, just before I went to university, I pretty much knew nothing about make-up, infact, its embarassing! I will admit, I had no clue. I used the dream matte mouse foundation, and i just used to put it on my spots, and I have really red cheeks, and on nights out the would go really blotchy, and usually you could tell where the foundation was after a bit, I don't think i realised you actually had to cover your face. Obviously i knew about mascara, but that was round about it, and a bit of eyeliner. Below, I will post 2 pictures, both of which I look absolutely herendous, but we will just deal with that, i was only 15/16.
 So as you can see above, this is an example of my hideous foundation routine, it clearly, defeated the point of foundation, and i was clueless, bless me!
And above, is my interpretation of 'rainbow' eyes. I've always been a creative person you see, and I like playing around, and at the time, i thought this was amazing. It's also interesting to see how thin my eyebrows were back then.
So I came accross youtube when i was lonely living away from home at uni. I think i was looking for a 'cat eye' makeup look, before halloween, and i found one video and there it was, i was drawn into the whole new world i never knew before! A whole community! I remember watching lauren luke years back ago on youtube, but she was the only one. And when i came on this time, there were just so many, and i started subscribing and started learning.
& from that moment on, my obsession for make-up and beauty products grew. I had been sucked in. I don't regret it, but at the same time i do. I now know how to do my make-up better, and I now want to go to college to start off a career in makeup.. but on the other hand, i now have an obsession that isn't funny. I just want endless amounts of products, my nail varnish collection has rapidly increased, and i now know of make-up such as MAC, NOT good for my bank balance! As of yet, i haven't indulged in products from MAC or high end, because i can't afford it, and im bracing myself to part with that much money for one product. I just can't justify it!
But i have youtube to thank for opening up this whole new world to me, and i love it. I didn't know about blogging, but now i have taken the plunge, and i am now part of that little bubble of people who have the same interests etc..
Just the last stage to go, overcoming the fear of making my first youtube video, i'm sure one day in the future i will, but for now i will stick to blogging and pictures until i am ready.
If any of you have gone through the same as me, and have made youtube videos, or have become successful and have a popular blog, or if any of you are in the same boat as me, please get in touch or leave a comment and leave me your story, i would love to hear it and get other peoples views on it :)
Love louisa x


  1. That's so nice of you to mention the people that followed you just shows your appriciation :) I only started my blog about 2 weeks ago and I love doing it :)
    Hope all goes well! xxx

    1. Thank you :) I have 6 now and the only way for people to find out about them really is for them to be talked about, and the blogs i go on and follow all give me advice and i like them, so i need to tell people about them :) look out for a mention in my next post haha :) thank you for following, it means a lot xx

  2. aww nice post - following you now :-)

    1. Thank you so much, check my new post, i've linked you :) thanks for the support, you have a nice blog too :) x

  3. Stick with it sweets!!!
    You got another follower now :)

    1. Thank you so much :) I couldn't find if you had a blog or not so i couldnt link you in my latest post, but you have a mention :) x