Monday, 30 July 2012

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So as i was having a late night read, as you do when your sleeping pattern is as herendous as mine is, i came accross this tag on which originally came from and i thought it was a really nice idea so i wanted to do it myself :)
(excuse the really bad image there done on paint, i just wanted an image to make it look prettier :)
Basically you have to give 5 reasons you love blogging, your blogging aim, your top blogging tip & the name of a blogger who has inspired you along the way. So the 5 reasons:

♥ Feeling part of the community ♥
 I was really scared when i first made my blog, because i thought people were going to judge me & stuff. I thought that they wouldn't care what i had to say because i wasn't a professional or anything, but everyone is so supportive & welcoming & it makes it all worth while.

♥ Friendship ♥
I genuinely believe that you can make friendships through blogging. Already I have met people that i believe will become good friends to me in the future. There are people that are just generally so lovely & it makes me so happy when my phone pings to say i've got a new comment, it's lovely! It's just annoying that there's not a quicker way to reply, thats why i forget sometimes because i read them on my phone :(

♥ Product Knowledge ♥
Before i found out about the beauty community online & blogging & youtube and what not, i literally knew nothing about make-up and products whatsoever. Now, if a new product is coming out or already out, within a week or so, i know about it thanks to blogging. It opens your eyes to products you never even knew could have exsisted.

♥ Inspiration ♥
I love to sit and read through blogs, and click other peoples followers randomly to come accross new blogs & be inspired. This is probably my favourite thing about blogging. From becoming part of this, i now always want to bake, want to try new products, want to decorate, i'm just always inspired! It's great!

♥ Ranting/chatting to myself ♥
Now anyone that reads my blog regularly knows that i like to have a good old rant or write a long massive essay (confessions of an online dater). I just love that i have somewhere to write it all. Yes, i could keep a diary, but it's not as fun. & some of my rants, i guess people can relate to them, or my random chats might make someone laugh, and that to me is a reason to share it with you guys, and i suppose it's like documenting random bits of my life, they will be on here forever :) but i do love a good rant!

My Blogging Aim
Obviously i am aiming towards becoming a make-up artist. I don't really have an aim for my blog, but in the future, it would be nice to be invited to something like a release of a new product or something, they look very fun & glamourous. & i hope to become more recognisable through my blog as a make-up artist (obviously once i've finished my make-up course).

♥ Blogging Tip ♥
Be appreciative. Mention other blogs that maybe don't have as many followers as you do. I have seen the fair few bloggers & youtubers that have a lot of followers & what not, and they only really mention eachother. If i see potential and i like a blog & feel everyone else needs to see it, i'm going to tell you all, they deserve to be seen. Networking is good & it makes you some great friends :)

♥ Blogger who has inspired me ♥
To be honest, the 2 people that inspired me in the first place, were Becky of & Serena of - I had been watching both of these girls on youtube for ages & i emailed them both, along with a few others, and these 2 are the only ones that replied, a bit like what i was talking about in my tip. They inspired me to start up myself, and i did, and now i love it. I love both of the girls personalitys and if you aren't aware of either of them, go and check them out.

Since blogging, there have been 3 main inspirations that need mentioning, but they have been mentioned in a previous post that you can read Here .. Lea, Beth & Sara, also michelle of Just Smile - These girls comment on pretty much every post, and it is the most lovely thing, I love you girls :)

So there you have it, thank you to Kayleigh for the great tag, i think everyone should 1. go and check out her blog, 2. do the tag & give me a comment so i can have a read & let her know you've done it too :)

Love Louisa


  1. Loved your answers hun :) I know what you mean about getting comments on your blog and not being able to reply quick because youre on your phone - eee so annoying. I think most bloggers understand the problemmos behind blog comments (it annoys me that you dont get a notification if somebody replies either!)

    I totally agree with supporting other bloggers who maybe havent got as many followers
    :) Thanks again for a little mention up there ^

    1. It's so annoying! i will read them when i'm out and be like aww, but then i forget because i've already opened the email :/ & yeah the no notification when you've written on someone elses blog is frustrating too lol!

      & no worries, you've just proved why you need a mention :)

  2. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower -- hope you can check my blog out too! : )

  3. Thanks so much Louisa!! I love your blog!!! X

  4. Lovely blog and great tip! I found your blog through the blog hop. It would make my day if you could stop by my blog and follow if you like. :)

  5. Aww, thanks for the mention Louisa! I do the exact the same with the comments on my phone, every time I try to reply as well my phone crashes, thank god I can upgrade soon! I used to keep diaries but I'll never share them with people I'm too embarrassed of my chav writing. I'm more than sure you'll be a great make-up artist :D
    Such a lovely post!


    1. Ps. I've nominated you for the Liebster award, here