Thursday, 5 April 2012

N'aww :)

So this is just a quick little post to give you a little update of a couple of my cute new followers :) It really does brighten my day when i get comments & stuff, so i thought i would share the blogs of those with you :)

The first is a lovely girl called sarajayne, her blog is so cute and girly and i loves it :) & she seems like a really lovely girl, so definately follow her! -

The second is - - very cute - lots of pictures :)

4th - lots of pictures :)

Thank you for being lovely :) I appreciate it so much, you make it worth while and make me want to carry on, and i hope you all keep up the good work :)

I'm off out tommorow night after work, so look forward to another OOTN on saturday, and maybe a NOTD :) who knows :)



  1. OMG thank you sooo much for a mention, your so lovely :* xxx

  2. this is a realy nice thing to do helping other peoples blogs.