Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Feeling inspired.. small update.

Today i have had a pretty lazy day to be honest. I am getting a bit better and trying to get to terms with the whole blogging thing so that it becomes more regular and i can really make a go of the whole online world. I have only been doing it for a couple of months - if that - and already i feel it has changed me so much! - almost like i feel i am on the road to a new future.

Tommorow i have the test for college, literacy and numeracy i think, and so after that i imagine it will be an interview if i pass. I am wanting to do hair & media make-up, so i guess my blog sort of runs in hand with it.

So many people on here inspire me and it just makes me so excited! I came accross this blog today and i LOVE it, it makes me want to do loads of little projects and makes me excited for the future for when i become a home owner. http://domesticallyunemployed.blogspot.co.uk/ - it's so cute! Definately reccommend you check her out!

Confessions of an online dater - now to some, this might sound sad, but i have been on dating websites, and am on dating websites. I usually meet people on nights out, and they are absolute tools. So i thought hey, why not give it a go? and i did, and i've met someone pretty amazing, so if you are a singleton and are running out of idea's, give it a go :)

I also ordered my april glossybox last night, (oops, sorry bank balance) - so look forward to post's from that, even though there are loads, it gives me something to do and new products to try that i wouldn't usually so hey ho!

- A mascara review (that's all i'm letting you know for that)
- My leopard print make-up.
- LUSH space girl review.

My new followers:
http://shebeginstosee.blogspot.co.uk/ - she's beautiful and her blog is too!
http://lipslikesugaredkisses.blogspot.co.uk/ - i'm pretty sure her blog is fairly new, but i like it, so follow :)



  1. I registered on a dating site, but the thought of someone knowing me seeing my profile, freaked the hell out of me.

  2. Haha i used to be scared of that, and i have come accross people i know, but then again they are probably just as embarassed as me so its fine. and i've met someone who seems to be worth it, even if we end up just being friends :) and i will include your blog in my next post x

    1. Aww, thats nice. Hmm, I'll think about going back on :) wow, thanks :D

  3. I did the whole online dating thing too... Never quite found my Mr. Right on there.
    Here's hoping that it all works out!

    1. Haha, in fairness, there are a hell of a lot of wierdos on there! But if i gain a friend i suppose its worth while :) but thank you x

    2. Your welcome Doll!!!
      I forgot to tell you I nominated you for a major award...
      Check out my bloggy blog....

    3. Aww thank you so much! My first award :D i will make that my first post tommorow as i think i should probably be asleep right now seeing as i have my test to get into college tommorow - damn being nocturnal! I have started following you on twitter, not that i fully understand twitter yet, but im giving it ago haha! thanks again :) x