Monday, 30 April 2012

Easy life on the dole?

So this mornig whilst rummaging through everyone's facebook status', i came accross 2 that were about benefits. & i see them every so often, and usually it's the same case. The person who has written the status, is usually the one that's got the job, and they are moaning about paying for everyone else, or how everyone else isn't trying.

''Seriously get pissed of with people who don't work yet can afford to pay for cars and get pissed every other night when I work full time plus n still struggle :-/''

''Anyone that says they've been lookin for a Job for months is lying! I managed to get an interview within 24 hours and managed to start within 48 hours. Get off ya arse n find a job ya lazy twats :)) that is all :)''

Now with the second one, i'm pretty sure at one point, this girl was moaning a few months back that she couldn't find a job, but i'm not going to look through all her status' to prove that. But i was on jobseekers for 6 months, and i was trying, but because i had no experience whatsoever, people just didn't want to take me on. There's only so much you can say about when you worked in sports direct for 4 weeks back when you were 16.. you get my point? It's alright for you to say that you are all this, but trying to big yourself up on that little experience isn't always going to work in your favour.

Now obviously with me being on jobseekers, i know exactly what kind of people this girl is referring too because i've seen them, those who literally DO NOT WANT TO WORK! & these are the people that walk into the job center, sit down for aproximately 10 seconds to sign the paper, and they are back out again. The people working in the job center know they don't look, so they just let them go. Now me on the other hand, i tried. You get a little booklet that you have to fill in with all the jobs you've applied for, and i filled out god knows how many of these, now if i was to go in one week and not have tried, you can guarentee they would stop my allowance, yet these who don't want to, and never do try, constantly don't look.

I really saw some amazing things, not amazing, but gobsmacking things. People make up the daftest of excuses just so they don't have to work. And i can bet you any money, they are the ones who complain about there being no jobs due to 'immigrants' coming over. Where as the matter of fact is, if we took all the 'immigrants' out, there is no way on gods earth these lazy cretins would do that job, they think they are too upmarket or too good for that job. One guy was sat next to me whilst i was having my 'progress discussion' or whatever it was, and this guy literally said 'i can't work, i've got that depression thing' oh shut the *$%# up! you've never been depressed in your life, your just lazy and you sit around watching jeremy kyle to give you inspiration for what to say next! 'depression THING' WHAT THE HELL? At that moment i wanted to go over to this delightful boy and drop kick him in the face.

Now after however many months of not having a job, i took matters into my own hands and got work experience at house of fraser, which was then when i finally got a phonecall for an interview. 6 months i waited, and the moment i take it into my own hands, i get an interview. I think there are so many out there that wouldn't take it into their own hands, and won't be motivated enough, why? Because it really is so easy to be on the dole once your on it. Now i have a part time job, i don't get much more than being on the dole, but i have to waste an hour getting to work, and an hour back, if i start at 2, i have to get the bus at half 12. So basically that's 3 hours wasted getting there, and i only work 4 hours a day. So for just a bit less money, you can sit at home watching jeremy kyle all day. Is that fair, no. But i can see both sides, it really is so easy to be on it.

The course that i am starting in september is going to cost me over £1000 pounds, if i would have known this time last year that i wanted to do it, i could have done it last year for free. But now i have a part time job, so i am going to have to pay the full amount. How is that fair that it is what i want to do, i will be trying my absolute hardest and putting 150% into this course, yet i have to pay for it, against people who don't care about it, but will get it for free just for something to do. The government need to make it harder for those that don't try. I know it probably won't change, but that's what needs to happen, then they will have less people wanting to stay on it because it's easier, and more people wanting to go into work.

I've probably gone off on so many different angles here, but i've got my rant out anyway. Has anyone else been on the dole? do you find you seemed to have more money when you were on it? When i was on it, i managed to pay for an £600 holiday to magaluf, i can't even afford that this year i don't think and i'm supposed to have more money from working?

Sorry for the rant!
Love Louisa


  1. I hated being on the dole. I think what you say about having no experience is fair but we all start at the same point. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt you were looking for jobs but would you have taken ANY job? Cleaner, McDonalds, outbound call centre etc?

    I do agree to a certain extent that there ARE jobs out there and if you try hard enough you'll get one - as proved by taking it into your own hands. The job centre are shit, there's absolutely no doubt about that, but there's not a hell of a lot we can do about it.

    I'm glad you've got a job now though, I know it's not great hours/pay but it's that experience you need to go on and get the next one.

    1. I do believe we start at the same point, but there are people with years experience that can't get a job. & it's not always what you know, its who you know. & other than working in somewhere like mcdonalds or kfc behind, the whole cooking bit, i wouldnt have done that, because my friend worked there & i know i would crumble and feel ill probably, food isnt my area. cleaning i would have done, but i cant drive, and all the cleaning jobs i looked at required a license, and same with call center, i applied for loads, and i either wasn't experience, or couldnt commute there :( i would rather be in a call center than what im doing now, i have to try and make every customer i serve buy something they don't want to buy, and thats not fun lol!

      & yeah i totally agree, i imagine once you've got a job, its easier to get one, but in the near future i plan to set up on my own, online :) x

  2. I read this and completely agreed with you. Ive never been on the dole but i know a few people who are - and most of them are good, honest people who really do try and actually want to work - they feel embarrassed for not having a job. What annoys me is the people like the guy with the so called 'depression thing' - people like this are bought up to just think the world owes them a living, and they have no intentions of ever trying. Its very sad - because people tar everyone else genuinely looking for a job with the same brush.

    I used to work full time for 2 years, and i got the exact same amount - if a little less, than someone who has never worked, sits on their bum all day with their 6 million kids - it used to make me mad i was working for essentially what they get :( But at the end of the day i would much rather know ive earnt something rather than be handed other peoples money!
    I think its difficult to find jobs these days, but not impossible. And well done on you for taking it into your own hands.

    Good luck with your course..i can totally understand why it annoys you that you have to pay! I loved this post - agreed with every single point. Well said, sunshine :) xx

  3. I'm on the dole and I hate it! The advisor's at mine just stare at you thinking you're below them. I've only been on it for 3 months and I've filled out so many of them booklets. I know people on it who just go to the local shops buys bottles and keeps popping kids out!
    The only experience I've had is in a nursery 4 years ago.

    The thing that annoys me is that the advisor's are giving me jobs I have no chance of getting. Such as needing to have a drivers licence and having certain qualifications. It's ridiculous! I hate it that much I've been thinking of taking jobs that earn much less than being on the dole. And the depression thing I physically feel sick and so mad when people use that as an excuse. Because of being on the dole I am depressed but I'm still looking desperately for work.

  4. I completely agree with this. It's so wrong how people label everyone on the dole as the same. I haven't personally been on the dole but one of my friends has and I know for a fact she was trying her hardest to get work. People who don't look for work give everyone else a bad name.
    I totally agree that it's difficult to get work with no experience. Everywhere wants experience but nowhere will give you any. Also the thing about "its not what you know it's who you know" is totally true. In my part time job I work at the same place as my mum and although I have the right qualifications to do it, I know that I was favoured out of all the applicants simply because my mum is a supervisor there. Other than that I would have simply been in a pile with everyone else that applied for my job, crossing my fingers that I got lucky.
    Great post, I do like a good rant haha :) x