Monday, 13 February 2012

Welcome :)

Ok, so this is my first start towards my brand new sparkly blog!
I have been um'ing & ah'ing over making one for a while and I have finally got round to doing it today, so if you are reading this, a big hello to you :)

So a little about me, I am Louisa, and I am 20 years old from Sheffield. I have been watching youtube videos & reading blogs for well over a year now. I have an unhealthy obsession for makeup, shoes & clothes & so on this blog you can expect to see reviews, nails of the day, outfits of the day etc.

My obsession started from watching youtube videos and watching the beauty community, I didn't even know it exsisted until one day I think I typed in 'cat tutorial' for halloween to give me some ideas, and there we had it, I have been addicted ever since! Before youtube, I think I had the bare minimum in terms of makeup, and now I have a fair bit more (17 pairs of eyelashes, 9 mascaras etc).. slightly OTT!

I haven't yet set up a youtube account but it is something I hope to do in the future depending on when and if I get the courage, and if this blog goes well and I enjoy doing it, so we will see.
If there is anyone reading this that does youtube videos, if you could email me & give me a little advice on how you got the courage to finally make a video, that would be very much appreciated!

I'm just your average lady, I love all things girly & pretty. I love harry potter films & I play xbox more than I should. If theres anything else you want to know or you have any questions feel free to leave a comment :)

Love Louisa x

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  1. Hello lovely:)
    I think your blog is a great read!
    You should defiantly give youtube a go, my friend does it and its really took her places.
    Keep up the great work!